Assault on the title in December - La Provincia

A game with a 'final' flavor in the middle of December, when the Liga Guerreras Iberdrola has not even reached its equator. And is that Juan Carlos Hernández de Jinámar receives today the 'classic' of recent years in the highest category of women's national handball: Rocasa Gran Canaria-Super Amara Bera Bera (20.00 hours, live on Teledeporte).

Since Rocasa and Bera Bera fight for the trophy of the Iberdrola Warrior League - with the head of Atlético Guardés, champion in the 2016-2017 academic year always around -, the crossing between both teams has become one of the matches that define the competition. Rocasa starts the ninth day of competition as third classified, three points behind Bera Bera, undefeated leader of the League (12 points from Teldenses for 15 from San Sebastian). A victory for the grancanario club would leave the gap between both teams in a single point. However, a triumph of the Basque team would put the League uphill for the Grancanarias: five points away. Or what is the same, to three games.

Rocasa returned to the competition after the World Cup in Japan with a sacrifice victory against Porriño (25-29). A return to the slopes that was much more pleasant for Bera Bera, who did not find much resistance against the Valladolid Classroom (30-23).

This season, Rocasa and Bera Bera already saw their faces. It was in the Spanish Super Cup, which was the third title of the year for the Grancanario team. In Éibar, those of Carlos Herrera raised the second Super Cup in the history of the club after an extension of heart attack (32-31).

The return of Pizzo

The meeting between Bera Bera and Rocasa is the return to the Island of Manuela Pizzo, which was two courses in Gran Canaria. The Argentine side was key with its grand finale in the best season in the history of the club, with League and Challenge Cup.

In addition, the party has the incentive of being able to see five world silver on the floor in action: Silvia Navarro for Rocasa and Silvia Arderius, Maitane Etxeberria, Merche Castellanos and Eli Cesáreo by Super Amara Bera Bera.


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