Assault on supermarkets and exhausted the disinfectant gel and masks in Italy

Supermarkets in various areas of northern Italy, the closest to the coronavirus outbreak that has caused three deaths and more than 150 infections, have been completely emptied and disinfectant soaps and masks are practically depleted.

The Italian media echo today the assault on supermarkets due to collective hysteria due to the spread of the coronavirus, despite the fact that there is no restriction on the opening of shops, or problems in supplying, as he recalled last night the president of the Italian Government, Giuseppe Conte.

The assault on supermarkets has not only occurred in the eleven isolated locations in the regions of Lombardy and Veneto, considered the epicenter of the outbreak, but has spread to large cities such as Milan.

In addition to having emptied the shelves especially of water, pasta and other long-lasting products, disinfectants such as bleach and hand gels or wet wipes, as well as latex gloves or gloves are practically exhausted in all supermarkets and pharmacies. The masks

Even the leaders of one of the most important supermarket chains in Italy were forced to issue a reassuring press release: "We are ready to face any need. The stores are full, it's just about transporting the products to the shelves."

Among the extraordinary measures that have been taken to limit dissemination in the four regions that present cases, colleges and universities, museums, cinemas and discos have been closed, and all public events have been canceled.

However, the Councilor for Social Welfare of the Lombardy region, Giulio Gallera, said that the shopping centers and other stores will remain open.

This has not stopped the hysteria and the cases of speculation reported by consumer associations that have reported that prices of some medical devices have skyrocketed, especially in online sales.

The largest consumer association, Codacons, will present a complaint today to the prosecutor's office in Rome and the Financial Police "against speculation about the price lists that are recorded at these times in the main e-commerce portals."

The president of Codacons, Carlo Rienzi, denounced that, for example, a classic 80 ml disinfectant gel, which is normally on the market for around 3 euros, is now sold on the web for 22.5 euros, with a surcharge at the retail price of 650%.

"The protective masks that were previously sold for less than 10 cents each, now cost 1.8 euros on the Internet, with a price increase of 1,700%," he said.


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