Assault on Area 51: the 'Da D' of UFO enthusiasts - The Province

It started as a Facebook event as a joke, but has resulted in a meeting point for passionate about extraterrestrial life. Against all odds, this Friday is the so-called "Assault on Area 51" or "Storm Area 51".

Hundreds of fans have camped in the urban core closest to the ultra-secret military base. From there, they have started a walking route to access this space, which for decades has been covered in mystery fueled by conspiracy theory about aliens.

Security Reinforcement

Before such event, the US Government has reinforced security around the vast enclosure located in the Nevada desert to avoid incidents.

This mysterious base is a inaccessible wall. The security measures are already extraordinary because what there is 'cooking' is top secret. It is speculated that the Armed Forces test weapons and develop very advanced Defense technology.

Therefore, the warning issued by the authorities is no joke: "We discourage entering the area where we train the US military. The US Air Force is always ready to protect the US and its assets", he pointed Laura McAndrews, spokesman for the force in response to the concentration.

There have been people who have already tried to sneak into Area 51, thus risking their lives. Last January, a man was riddled After driving with your car 13 kilometers beyond what is allowed. He ignored the warnings of the soldiers and ended up dead.

Better luck ran a family that was arrested just beyond the allowed area. In these cases, the procedure is leave them detained for a few hours and impose a heavy fine economical They also say that whoever dares to try to enter the base It ends on the list of terrorists in the US.

The Navy confirms the existence of UFOs

Precisely, this week the US Navy confirmed the existence of UFOs on its territory, giving validity to three videos published by the 'New York Times' in which three objects are observed maneuvering at high speed in the air.

According to the Pentagon report, the objects made movements so fast and complicated that No known device can do.

One of the videos is from 2004 and is recorded by an F-18, while the other two are from 2015. The fighter pilots once described the objects as "unidentified aerial phenomena". According to the pilots, the UFOs had an elongated egg shape and the ability to become invisible when approaching them.

The objects appeared at more than 24,000 meters high and then they suddenly descended to the sea, dispersing upward again out of the reach of the radars when they were 6,000 meters away.


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