asks his charges to accuse Sánchez of "whitewashing" Maduro and "bilduetarras"

The leadership of the Popular Party has decided to turn to Venezuela and the now-defunct terrorist group ETA, two of the usual mantras of the right, to discredit the PSOE Government and United We Can in the management of the second wave of the pandemic and while the Executive tries to negotiate the Budgets with Ciudadanos and the leftist and nationalist forces that allowed the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez.

Álvarez de Toledo and its media terminals become a new front of opposition to Pablo Casado

Álvarez de Toledo and its media terminals become a new front of opposition to Pablo Casado

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Pablo Casado's team sent this Thursday a new argument - slogans that the popular leadership sends practically every day to all party positions - in which it asks the leaders of the PP to accuse the progressive government of "whitewash" the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, as well as the "bilduetarras" and the "enemies of Spain", including the Catalan and Basque independence parties.

Under the heading "whitening Maduro", Casado's leadership demands that the popular positions repeat in their appearances that the former socialist minister and current high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, "has sent a delegation to Caracas to negotiate with Maduro after the UN accuses the Venezuelan regime of committing crimes against humanity. "

The PP directly links this decision of the head of EU foreign policy to the conversation that Borrell had with the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, on Wednesday in Brussels. "As it does whitewashing bilduetarras, this radical government intends to do the same with a dictator who has terrified and impoverished his people, a sister nation of Spain," emphasizes the text released by Genoa 13, to which ElDiario has had access. it is.

The PP speaks of "pro-ETA prisons"

Coinciding with the meetings held by the Vice Presidents of the Government Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias In the last few days with representatives of EH Bildu to probe the possibilities of reaching agreements that smooth the approval of the Budgets, Casado again seeks to delegitimize a hypothetical negotiation with the Basque independence formation, which rejects violence, linking it with ETA, the terrorist organization that in his 40 years of life he carried out more than 850 murders and that he disappeared in 2018.

The leadership of the PP tries once again to assume the defense of the victims of terrorism in an old strategy that already occurred during the government of the socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and that seeks to confront this group with the current progressive Executive. In this context was framed the meeting that Married held this Thursday with the president of the Association Victims of Terrorism, Maite Araluce, of which the PP reported through a press release and which, according to the popular, served "to denounce together "the" negotiation "of Sánchez with EH Bildu" to support the Budgets in exchange for bringing 63 ETA members to pro-ETA prisons "and to" request a Prosecutor for Victims of Terrorism and more police means to investigate unsolved cases. "

In the argument sent this Thursday to all popular positions, Casado's team also asks its leaders to insist on the idea that "the PP is incompatible with giving pardons to those who have been convicted of hitting the Constitution", anticipating to the decision finally adopted by the Council of Ministers on the requests for government pardons to the pro-independence leaders condemned by the you process, whose processing will begin next week, according to announced Wednesday in Congress of the Deputies the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo.

The Government frames the processing of these pardons within the usual procedures that these requests have to follow, but the PP has wanted to anticipate any decision by Moncloa by announcing that it will take a bill to Congress to prohibit pardons for those convicted of crimes of rebellion. and sedition. The latter is precisely the criminal figure for which the pro-independence leaders who are in prison were convicted by the Supreme Court.

"Felipe González brings out the colors to the Executive"

The PP, insists the argumentation of Genoa 13, cannot identify either "with agreeing to renew institutions with those who attack them and with modifying the Penal Code to favor those who commit crimes." With this slogan, the popular leadership tries to justify its blockade of the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), in a temporary situation since 2018, and in which there continues to be an overwhelming majority of conservative magistrates according to the absolute majority that the PP had in 2013, when it was renewed for the last time.

Another of the theses that Casado's management asks its leaders to repeat has to do with the criticisms released on Wednesday by the former President of the Government Felipe González against the Executive of Sánchez for trying to negotiate the new accounts with nationalist forces, and with the praise of the former Socialist leader to the monarchy in front of the "multinational republiqueta and with the right of self-determination" that, according to him, The vice president and leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, defends.

"Felipe González brings out the colors of the Government," says the leadership of the PP in his argument, in which he also demands his positions to denounce the decision that the king don't come this friday to the delivery of dispatches of the new judges in Barcelona.

"Unlike what Vice President Calvo maintains that the decision that the king does not go to Barcelona is well taken, we maintain that it is a major error. And Calvo knows it. He knows that his government is involved in everything that they want those who hate Spain. Everything. As Felipe González points out, changing the monarchy for that "republiqueta" that Pablo Iglesias proclaims would destroy Spain. And the worst thing is that Calvo and his boss Pedro Sánchez also know that. We will not allow him to Radical government continues to attack the parliamentary monarchy, the system that all Spaniards gave ourselves in 1978, "says Génova 13.

Against the "institutional degradation" of the left

The leadership of the PP also wants to spread the idea that Spain is experiencing an "institutional degradation" by the left. To argue this serious accusation, Casado's leadership maintains that the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, "has become a lawyer for Podemos and a political commissioner at the service of the party to which she belongs." Genoa 13 asks its leaders to insist that this alleged "degradation" of the Prosecutor's Office "is joined" by those of the Sociological Research Center (CIS) - which the PP discredits because it is presided over by the former socialist leader José Félix Tezanos -, the Center National Intelligence (CNI), RTVE or the National Competition Market Commission (CNMC).

"We are going to be a brake to the drift with which the Government is leading our country," defends Casado's team, who intends to use the new political course to consolidate his leadership at the head of the PP and try to keep his party as the hegemonic force of the Spanish right now divided into three -PP, Vox and Ciudadanos-, in a task that, for the moment, it has not worked in the surveys.


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