Ask me about journalism and COVID-19, what do you want to know?

March 15, 2020 the measures came into force that would change the way we relate to each other. The WHO had just declared that we were going through a pandemic for the coronavirus and Government declared a state of alarm. During this year, has turned to the coverage of information on COVID-19 and all its implications: health, social, economic, political … A challenge in which all journalists who make elDiario possible .es have been involved to transfer the most rigorous, truthful and committed information when it is more necessary than ever.

On the occasion of this anniversary, we want to give readers, partners and associates the opportunity to have a first-hand conversation with us. On behalf of the editorial staff, Bethlehem Rivet Y Monica Zas, editors of Society, and Icíar Gutiérrez, an international writer, will share how this year of journalism and pandemic has been for them. How did you experience the first moments and the first press conferences? What was it like to go outside in search of information while the rest of us were confined to our homes? How did the news get from other countries like China and Italy? How to deal with hoaxes and misinformation to report rigorously?

They will answer these and other questions in ‘Consult me’ in a meeting moderated by Vanesa Rodriguez, Director of New Audiences at It is an opportunity to learn first-hand how we do journalism in, a medium that is possible thanks to the partners who have not hesitated to support us in these difficult circumstances.

You can ask about journalism and pandemic by leaving your comment in the news or in the form that you will find at the end of it. The meeting can be followed live as always on, Facebook, Twitter and also our Twitch channel. We will wait for you!


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