Ask for a song and it will be granted

Ask for a song and it will be granted

Getting a gift is complicated, but it can be easier if the gift is emotional. That is at least what two Aragonese entrepreneurs thought when they launched their idea to the market: compose custom songs.

This "start-up", which operates in Spain and Latin America, is one of twenty emerging companies that are now looking for investors in Aragon through a new platform that has been presented this week in Zaragoza.

Javier Lozano and Daniel Martín, musicians and composers, began three years ago with the philosophy of emerging companies: "undertake with the minimum viable product" and, from there and depending on the results, grow in a phased manner.

They launched their 'Singerfy' brand on the market and during this time they have shown that their product tastes good. Perhaps because, as they describe it, it is an emotional gift, and there is nothing more emotional than music.

For now, they have sold 1,700 personalized songs in Spain and Latin America, but believe they can reach much more.

They have found their place in the market through an "ecommerce" in which the user chooses the theme of the song (anniversary, birthday, friendship …); the singer, who may be male or female voice; or the musical style, from acoustic guitars, piano and voice, rock or pop. There is even up in jota format.

The letter is also personalized through a drop-down where the user chooses between several options. If no block, there is an option for who dares to write it. "We always review it at the end so that it is perfect", they point out. However, the user can listen to it before buying it.

They compose and produce the musical themes that they then put on sale on their website. "It's a special composition, because it's like composing multiple songs in a single one so that later the user will be able to personalize it," says Daniel Martín.

One of the singers who gives voice to the songs is Paula Pérez, who is enthusiastic about her work. "The act of giving music seems precious to me," he said.

Now the promoters of Singerfy are looking for investors who bet on their company. For this reason, they have signed up for the Araban platform, a network that connects emerging companies and Aragonese investors to promote the regional business fabric.

One of its promoters, Alex Dantart, defined EFE as this initiative. "What we are looking for is that the start-ups do not have to take the AVE to look for financing outside, and that the investors here know that not only there are banking and stock market investments, but in the world" start-up " there are also many opportunities. "

If they connect, both parties can benefit and contribute, with their relationship, to generate wealth in the territory. Because undertaking is a "hard" road, "it's a roller coaster," in which at first you only work to pay the fee for self-employed, "says Lozano, recalling his experience.

They know it also in Jobtodron, another of the "start-up" that has signed up for Araban in search of financing to expand into Latin America. They promote a platform that aims to concentrate the entire industry of the drone sector in Spain.

Behind this company, created only four months ago, is Javier Martínez, 27, and his partner.

For now, this pioneering platform in Spain, which has been a finalist in the International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Show (SIE) of Huesca, has more than 1,200 registered users, including operators, pilots and companies.

"Now we need a stronger impulse to grow because we want to disembark in Latin America in January 2019," he said.

For this, they rely on the 'Business Angel Network' methodology promoted by Araban, that of the investor who, in addition to putting money to develop an idea, also contributes his knowledge to make the initiative prosper. That is to say, it invests, but in addition, and this is fundamental, it is implied.


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