August 1, 2021

Ashtrays claims that European policies take into account depopulation

Ashtrays claims that European policies take into account depopulation

The president of La Rioja, José Ignacio Ceniceros, demanded today that the European Commission (EC) take into account the demographic challenge and the problems of depopulation that many European regions face when defining the criteria for the distribution of the future multiannual community budget.

"It is not the same to provide a service in depopulated areas than in areas where there is a lot of population," Ceniceros told the press in Brussels, where he is to present a report on this issue and to participate in the plenary session of the European Committee of the regions.

Ashtrays, which will raise this issue in today's plenary session, said it is very different to provide services in its region and in the Mediterranean area and stressed that even in its community there are large differences between urban and rural areas.

"We want to seek equal opportunities for all children and the elderly wherever they live," he said, recalling that services such as health and education cost up to five times more in rural areas than in cities in La Rioja.

"We will ask the Commission through the Committee of the Regions," said Ceniceros, who insisted that there are many territories, not only Spaniards, that claim to take into account the depopulation and the demographic challenge in the design of future funds. Community

The Riojan president cited the objective of regional cohesion included in European treaties and urged European and national administrations to commit themselves in this regard.

"If we want to seek that equality between all the regions of Europe and not have these imbalances, we have to finance," he said.

Ceniceros, which leads the commission on Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture (SEDEC) in the CoR, won the support of this group to prepare a report on measures to stop the flight of talent in the EU, a document that presents this afternoon at a seminar in Brussels.

"We are concerned about youth emancipation and the flight of talent, because they are key to facing unemployment," he said, explaining that the report includes recommendations to the regions on how to "work on why your region is going a certain type of talent".

"We must improve the coordination between actors such as the university, administrations or business agents, who also have to do something to retain that talent," he added.


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