ASG Homes restarts its promotions in Spain



The real estate sector is gradually recovering lost normality. An example of this is ASG Homes, a vehicle for residential management and promotion of the ESG fund in Spain, which has resumed construction works in ten developments They comprise about 1,500 homes located in Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid, Salamanca and Alicante and Valencia.

The resumption of the activity in the works is in accordance with the declaration of the Royal Decree Law that allows it. ASG Homes, whose main priority at the moment is to ensure the well-being and promote the sanitary conditions of its operators, will conduct this activity with full guarantees and in line with the directives of the authorities.

Likewise, the company has continued to carry out its commercial activity telematically and offer its customers technological alternatives to the face-to-face visit. We give the possibility of making virtual tours of the houses and pilot flats, hold meetings by video call, and offer those interested the possibility of knowing, first hand, through the most modern technology the plans, materials and finishes, as well as answering any questions that may arise. This fully digital and telematic complete service has already had results with the sale of homes in some of its developments during the months of March and April.

“We are going through an unprecedented period that poses challenges for us on all fronts of our activity. However, thanks to the technology at our disposal, we are not only able to respond in internal management, but We continue to advance in the commercialization of homes and in the development of our promotions. We have no doubt that, together, we will be able to move forward and strengthen ourselves as a society ”, they assure from ASG Homes.


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