Asens promises to "pressure" the PSOE to decriminalize euthanasia if they govern

Asens promises to "pressure" the PSOE to decriminalize euthanasia if they govern

The candidate for Barcelona of En Comú Podem in the general elections, Jaume Asens, has promised on Thursday that if he gets to form a government with the PSOE he will "press" Pedro Sánchez to "listen to his bases and the clamor of Spanish society" and approve the decriminalization of euthanasia.

Asens has made these statements to the media after meeting with representatives of the Right to Dignify Association of Catalonia with the candidate of the Senate formation Joan Comorera and, on leaving, has censured that it is a court of Violence against Women who investigates Ángel Hernández, the man who helped his wife María José Carrasco die, a patient with multiple sclerosis.

"It is an indecency and a great immorality to persecute Angel for an act of solidarity and humanity," said Asens, who insisted that, if United Podemos can not "mark the course" of the PSOE in a future government, the socialists will adopt "a cowardly and cowardly attitude in the defense of individual rights".

The candidate has stressed that they will ask the support of the Socialists to pass a law on euthanasia and has admitted that although they do not want to talk about "red lines", this "does not mean that they are not in their time", although it will depend on the " strength "of their votes" when negotiating "this issue.

Asens has also criticized that "PP, PSOE and Citizens" did not approve the proposed law on euthanasia during the last term and has ensured that "if Angel faces the possibility of ending up in jail is because he voted against our proposal Of law".

The candidate has called the process against Àngel Hernández "immoral", but he has affirmed that it is also the fact that some parties have not "precisely avoided this persecution".

In his opinion, the courts are "applying the law" with "a restrictive interpretation that is based on a certain doctrine of the Supreme Court that we do not share", but the responsibility is - has said - of PSOE, PP and Citizens.

However, Pedro Sanchez said yesterday that the case of Hernandez has been closed and promised to approve the regulation of euthanasia if he is elected next president of the Government.

The Prosecutor's Office announced today that it will appeal the decision of the magistrate of Madrid that investigates the case of inhibiting in favor of a court of Violence against Women, on understanding that the circumstances "exclude" sexist violence.


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