As you read the Google assistant high in 42 languages ​​- La Provincia

Googlehas announced a new function of its virtual assistant in Android that will allow the mobile device to read the content of web pages in 42 different languages.

In order to use this function, when the user has a web page open in their browser, they must say“Hey Google, read it”or “Hey Google, read this page.”

In this way, the wizard will immediately start reading the content while automatically scrolling the page andhighlight the wordsas they are pronounced, the company explains in its blog.

The user can also set the reading speed and choose between different voices, which they intend to use “thesame intonation and rhythm that you would use if you read it out loud. “

Also, in case the text is not in thenative languageof the user, you can use the translation menu and select a specific language. This will allow pages in other languages ​​to be automatically translated and read in the chosen language.

Google has detailed that this function allows to help the “visually impaired peopleor reading or they simply need some help to read heavy articles. “

This new function, which has been baptized as’ Read it ‘(‘Read them‘, in English), will be available on’ smartphone ‘with Android operating system with version 5 or higher.


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