June 21, 2021

As you can block WhatsApp with the face or fingerprint – The Province

WhatsApp refuerza sus medidas de seguridad.

Whatsapphas wanted to give a twist to the protection of the conversations of its users with the incorporation of a measure that had already announced: the use ofunlocking with fingerprint or user's face.

More than two years ago, the popular instant messaging application owned byFacebookand with more than one billion users in the world, implemented the"end to end" encryption of conversations, a technology that automatically guarantees that only the sender and receiver of the conversation can read what is sent. Nobody else, not even the platform itself, has access to the talks.

Now,Whatsapp incorporates the latest security technologies to the application. Since this week, lto app can be activated or deactivated in iOS with finger or facial unlocking, methods that many users are already accustomed to using in their terminals.

How can you activate it for iPhone?

The latest update foriPhone, the2.19.20, will help users to protect their conversations from third parties with ability to access their 'smartphone'.

ButWhat do you have to do to start using it?

Face ID face lock is available only to users ofiPhone X, while the finger lock technology can be activated withTouch ID in the previous versions of the Apple mobile with this technology.

The first thing to do is go to 'Configuration', within the application, and in this section access to'Account' already 'Privacy'to choose the option'Screen lock' WhatsApp will offer here the possibility to chooseTouch ID or Face ID, depending on the iPhone model, and also the time from which we want the application to be blocked: immediately, after 1 minute, after 15 minutes or after one hour.

In the blocking screen will continue to appear notifications with the content if the app is configured to be so. After receiving them, you can respond in the same way as usual, although you have to know that if you unlock your phone with Face ID or Touch ID you will not have to do it again on WhatsApp.

Now,Android usersremain pending that this new utility of the messaging platform reaches your operating system.


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