As the show of Circo del Sol in Gran Canaria

As the show of Circo del Sol in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is in luck: it is not only the only Spanish enclave to host the great tent of the acclaimedCircus of the Sunin the summer of 2019, but herestart the European tour of the show 'Totem'.

'Totem' showed up this week and disembarked on the Islandon July 5 of the next year. It offers a hypnotic acrobatic journey that traces the history of human evolution to the rhythm of amphibious pirouettes, dances of ancient civilizations in unicycle and roller skating in the direction of the stars.

On an island that evokes the figure of a giant tortoise, 'Totem' performs the incredible journey of humanity: from our original amphibian form to the ultimate adventure of flying. Along the way, we also explore our dreams and our infinite potential, as well as the bonds that unite us with our collective animal origins and with the species that share with us the planet.

But since in these cases an image can be worth more than a thousand words, we can already enjoy numerous promotional material like the following triler.

In addition, the artists of Circo del Sol have prepared another video in which they show several of the acrobatics of the show and declare themselves "very happy" to be able to represent 'Totem' in Gran Canaria.

Although it's still a long way off, it's worth keeping in mind that tickets for the Cirque du Soleil are on sale this week andcan be purchased at the online sales service of LA PROVINCIA. In total, 2,500 tickets will be sold per day and 5,000 will be sold twice a day.

An institution of the world of entertainment

The producer of Canadian origin begins her stay in Gran Canaria with no less than 12 weeks, when there are usually six, which means the start of a process to test both summer and winter, that is, the same system applied in the Las Vegas permanent headquarters, where they have their own show, as is expected to happen in Gran Canaria, where the plan is to offer an exclusive show for Europe. For the disembarkation of Circo del Sol in the south of Gran Canaria, the company has signed an agreement withExpomeloneras, with the support of Lopesan, theCabildo of Gran Canariaand the Town Hall of San Bartolom de Tirajana.

The Circo del Sol is an entire institution of the show that selects and trains its artists, 1,500 at present, and that have made 150 million spectators enjoy in 350 cities around the world.

The vice president of Tours of the Cirque du Soleil, Finn Taylor, explained that 48 artists from some 20 countries from Mongolia will be transferred to Australia, who will also work hand in hand with the island's personnel in all the support activities of the spectacle


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