June 15, 2021

As the folding smartphone of Samsung – The Province

Samsung works on a model of'smartphone' with folding screenthat will have a screen with a surface of 7.29 inches when it is extended, while with the folded mobile it occupies 4.58 inches. This device will be presented on Wednesday, November 7 at a company event in San Francisco (United States).

The company has confirmed to the South Korean media The Bell the dimensions of the terminal with folding screen in which it works, as the publication collects, as well as that Samsung's screen division would begin the chain manufacturing of the panel pieces in November .

The foldable 'smartphone', which for the moment has not transcended the name, has a screen size of 7.29 inches when it is extended in 'tablet mode' It is also possible to use it folded, in which case the dimensions of the screen are reduced to 4.58 inches.

The company will start manufacturing initially at a volume of100,000 units per month, lower than usual, according to The Bell. Subsequently, Samsung has plans to assemble a total of between 500,000 and one million screens per year, which points to a model oflimited units.

Also, Samsung has shared through the account in the social network Facebook of Samsung Mobile, its mobile division, a'teaser' of a folding device. Specifically, he has shown an image of the company logo folded at an angle of 180 degrees and seemingly without hinges.

Previously, Samsung had confirmed that it will present its new foldable 'smartphone' model during its annual developer conference on Wednesday, November 7 in San Francisco, although it will only show theuser interface of the device, as has been collected by the South Korean media Asiae.


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