October 22, 2020

As the Bundesliga: substitutes with masks, disinfected ball and without group photos – La Provincia

The Bundesliga returns this weekend with many eyes on her. The German league will quench the thirst for football for fans across Europe, who coronaviru pandemics sentenced to review ‘vintage’ games, while also leading the way for the rest of the leagues preparing to retake their championships. Half a hundred pages collect the detailed protocol that the German tournament has drawn upor to try to make this return from competition safe and minimize the possibility of contagion. These are some of its most relevant points, which in some cases will change traditions of this sport.

Maximum of 300 people per party

The stadiums will be divided into three zones and in each one there may not be more than a hundred people, including players, referees, coaching staff, representatives of each club, ball boys (only 4 and 16 years or older), journalists (10), photographers (3), staff medical, security and cleaning staff, VAR personnel, firefighters, police, gardeners and licensed television workers. A detailed schedule planning explains at what time should each arrive to each area of ​​the stadium and when to leave it.

Safety distance on the bus

The teams must arrive in as many coaches (duly disinfected) as necessary so that they can maintain a meter and a half of distance from each other. For the local community, arrival in a private vehicle is recommended, but car sharing is prohibited. Both teams should avoid reaching the field at the same time.

Access prohibited with fever

The 300 people who access the site must go through un disinfection process, answer a questionnaire about possible symptoms and take your temperature. Exceeding 38º will mean staying out, whether it is a ball boy or Robert Lewandowski. Those who enter should be careful not to touch buttons, switches or handles to minimize the risk of contagion.

Quick in the locker room

It is recommended to enable other rooms to expand the locker room area and also change by groups (goalkeepers, holders and substitutes). The time spent in the changing rooms must be reduced to a minimum (between 30 and 40 minutes, according to the protocol). Whoever is in the changing rooms you must wear a mask. When passing through the tunnel, the safety distance must be maintained. The review of the equipment (cleats and others) will be done by the assistant referee at the locker room door and with a mask.

No previous ceremony

Children are not allowed (also for pets, specifies the German protocol) to accompany the players at the entrance to the field. In fact, any type of ceremony is prohibited, and of course the handrail is canceled. As they go out onto the pitch, each footballer must go to his position to play, without training for the classic photo. In fact, there will only be photographers behind the goals and on the side opposite the benches.

Substitutes with mask

On the bench you must make sure the distance of 1.5 meters between all team members (technicians, doctors, substitutes), leaving if necessary one or more seats free between each person. If required and possible, the benches should be expanded or additional seats added. Except for the 22 active players, the referee and his assistants, the rest must wear a mask during the match. This same Friday, the Bundesliga has exempted the technicians from their use if they stay 1.5 meters from the rest of the people.

Constant disinfection of the balloon

The balls must be disinfected before and during the game. The same happens with the changing rooms: every time they are used, they must be cleaned and disinfected. The lockers will have to be closed because it is recommended to leave the doors open to avoid touching handles and to ventilate spaces.

Virtual press conference

Both the mixed zone andThe press room will be closed. Post-match interviews will be virtual, and the fewer the better, according to protocol. There will be two anti-doping control rooms, one per team. Spa areas must be closed. Players’ showers must be individual or even postponed until they reach the hotel or home.

Periodic checks

The Bundesliga indicates as “appropriate” the performing PCR tests twice a week and always as close to the next game as possible. Antibody tests are also planned to carry out a scientific study.

Exclusive hotels

The protocol recommends that traveling teams stay in hotels only for themselves or, if this is not possible, reserve an area or a floor for the expedition. The use of gyms, wellness areas or other common areas is prohibited. Outside the room (which should not be cleaned throughout the stay) the use of a mask is mandatory. And when eating, keep two meters of distance between each member of the expedition.


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