Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

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TheCongress of Deputiesvoted on Thursday in favor of the proposal of the Committee on Culture and the Senate for the reform of the Intellectual Property law, whichpursues piracy through measures such as a new system that accelerates the closure of websitesaccused of carrying out infractions repeatedly.

The reform, which has had thesupport of PP, PSOE, Citizens and Podemos, it contemplates a modification of the Intellectual Property Law approved in 1996 to adjust Spanish regulations to Directive 2017/1564 of the European Parliament.

Among the fundamental aspects that change in the amendment, which has reached the Congress after being approved in the Senate and whose main objective is to combat piracy, isthe way in which requests for closing web pages are managedfor infringement of the intellectual property rights of the authors.

Pirated web pages that relapse in piracy infractionswill be managed directly through an administrative body: The Second Section of the Intellectual Property Commission, known as the 'Sinde Commission'.

This commission, instituted by the former socialist ministerÁngeles González Sinde,may require internet operators to carry out a second blockadewithout the need to go back to a judge, as it happened until now.

Article 195 of the regulation, which was included in December when the proposal was drafted, states that "the execution of the collaboration measure directed to the service provider, regardless of its nature, will not require judicial authorization. planned "in cases where the web pages reoccur in piracy.

In the text of the proposal are collected, forWebsites that violate the regulations on at least two occasions, "a very serious administrative infraction" for which a "fine of between 150,001 to 600,000 euros" is contemplated.

Critics of the Internet Association

The Internet Association has criticized the amendment of the approved law, and has denounced that "what is wanted is to control the Internet and to leave aside the citizens and a free and neutral network", as the president of the association, Víctor Domingo, assured.

However, the speaker of culture of Podemos in Congress, Eduardo Maura, has explained that the text of the reform approved by the lower house does not include finally the controversial amendment to article 195 of the LPI, despite the modifications that it does the amendment in said section.


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