As be the contest system by which the venues of the Copa del Rey finals will be chosen - La Provincia

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has approved the contest rules for the award of the finals of the Copa del Rey and of the Queen of football this season 2019-20, as it did in the previous edition, according to said agency in a statement.

The novelty this year will be the independent and proper contest for the final of the Copa de la Reina "given the interest and growth of women's football" in Spain.

It also offers the possibility to qualify for the award of one, two, three or four seasons in the case of the Copa del Rey and one, two or three, in that of the Copa de la Reina.

Although the details will be announced in the coming weeks, the RFEF stressed that the cities that intend to host the finals must have an "emblematic space of sufficient extension" to install a 'Soccer Festival'of playful, festive and cultural character, which is a meeting point for fans.


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