July 6, 2020

As always celebrates 25 years of music in the Kraus – La Provincia

Twenty-five years on stage have elapsed since Always like that, one of the greatest exponents of the folk music of Andalusia, made his first steps in the musical and artistic world. A quarter century that is well worth a party, The Always So Party, which is what the show that the natural group of Seville brings to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium on October 12 at 9:00 p.m.. Tickets are already on sale through the newly released Auditorium website.
These silver weddings mean, according to its members, a date " to celebrate in style and as it deserves". The group Always Thus was born in Seville in the early 90s as a result of the friendship between a handful of young people who met in the choir of the Brotherhood of Rocio de Triana. His name refers to the intention that whatever happened the group would always remain united and in the same spirit of the beginning.

If every concert of these universal Sevillians is already a real party, in this new tour the joy, fun and incredible complicity they generate with the public multiply with each of the chosen themes of an extensive repertoire dating back to 1992.

In the concerts of Always Thus you can see people of all ages because their music has conquered all tastes and passed generations. Its mixed formation makes the timbre of the group's voice set unique and unmistakable. The texts of his songs tell stories with which anyone can feel identified, so they are part of the soundtrack of many lives. Its elegance when approaching a stage and its ease to connect with the public has become a hallmark.


They have 15 albums in the market, most of them gold, platinum and multiplatinum discs; The essence of their success, around a million copies sold throughout their career and more than a thousand concerts between Spain and Latin America, must be sought in the style they created.

The discography goes back to the first album of all that saw the light in a very special year for Spain, 92, in fact, this is what the album is called 1992. They followed Mahareta, Singing that is Gerund Y Quarter past ten, all belonging to the 90.

With the beginning of the century would be born Anything goes, undoubtedly for them one of their best albums and for which they feel most proud. This would be followed by a compilation called 10 years together, " a very special gift that we did and that we enjoy as children, "they remember.

After these ten years of musical union there was a desire for more because a few more would come, such as New songs for novice parents, Km 8, Let's listen to great successes, The Mass of Joy, Love is another thing, The meaning of Christmas Y Heart [in 2015], immediately after the album that belonged to the recording of a live concert they offered for the 20th anniversary of the training.

Currently the group is touring Spain with two parallel shows, The Always So Party Y Always So Symphonic, the latter with the orchestral arrangements of the prestigious musician, clarinetist and international orchestra conductor, John Richard Durant. Always So Symphonic premiered on April 4 and 5 in the Theater of the Maestranza of Seville with the Royal Symphony Orchestra from Seville with a resounding critic and public success that sold out three months before the premiere.

But this 25-year commemorative tour also responds to a story of love and friendship that goes beyond the purely professional. 25 years bearing the name of Andalusia and Spain Around the world, 25 years bringing joy to the hearts of so many people they have reached and will continue to reach.

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