July 26, 2021

Arucas renames the La Goleta field as Municipal Cirilo Lorenzo Alonso – La Provincia

The “La Goleta” Soccer Field Sports Facility changes its name, from now on we will know it as “Cirilo Lorenzo Alonso Municipal Soccer Field”, this designation was processed through the Department of sports that the mayor José Mª González directs, and approved by the entire Municipal Corporation, in the plenary session held on Friday June 26, 2020.

Among the prolific life of Cyril, special mention must be made of his sporting facet, particularly with regard to the La Goleta Sports Club. He was a player of this club, playing as a forward where he stood out for his will, effort and desire. Once this facet was left, he was a masseuse, utillero, field delegate, manager and president in various stages.

Being Ciriilo President, the club achieved one of the greatest achievements in its history, it was in 1992 and after a memorable season, the team made up entirely of players born in the municipality of Arucas achieved promotion to the preferred category in a promotion against the He would make Lanzarote winning the first leg in Tonono by 5-0 and losing by the minimum in Lanzarote 3 – 2. The reception that “The team” had with practically the entire neighborhood of La Goleta at the Gran Canaria airport was “Apotheosis” .

Once removed from these sporting facets, he received a beautiful and well-deserved tribute in 2003 at the Club headquarters.

Also coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the Club, he was awarded the gold and brilliant insignia and was named president of honor, a position he held with great pride and affection, to such an extent was his love for the colors of the schooner who asked that his coffin be covered by a flag of the club that he loved so much.

In this order of things, the top councilor of the northern consistory, Juan Jesús Facundo, has declared that “it is a pleasure to pay tribute to a person so well-known and beloved in our municipality, who has become a sports benchmark, Mr. Cirilo Lorenzo Alonso, especially for the La Goleta neighborhood, “he concluded.


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