Arturo Vidal, a good soloist difficult to fit into Barça | sports

Arturo Vidal, a good soloist difficult to fit into Barça | sports

First it was against Athletic. In minute 55, the assistant referee showed the tablet with the number 22, a sign that he should leave the mat. Then, Arturo Vidal closed his eyes and cocked his head to express a malaise that tried to manage on the bench, even though he had clashed hands with Messi, who came to fix the mess and cause the final draw with an assist to Munir. But his explosion came in the last game against Tottenham, when Valverde recited the starting lineup and placed Arthur ahead of him. The subsequent rebuff from the Chilean would explain that, for the moment, he does not know how to play as a team. At least in Barcelona.

Vidal budget that would leave the game in front of the Spurs, signed by the sports area "for encounters that are intuited physical and with more goings and turns than control". He imagined it, too, because the team had three setbacks in a row and Valverde was determined to do without the weaker (Dembélé) to recover the game of means and the union of the lines, lately fractured because the tips did not wear out in the phase of pressure and less in the withdrawal. So, by ready or by common sense, the coach opted for the Brazilian Arthur because he guaranteed possession of the ball. Decision with a strong message for the staff that, surely, served to win complicity with the old guard because players like Busquets, Piqué and Messi have always played the same, while also spreading mistrust for the new ones because be in the eleven they have to earn it.

To date, Vidal has 176 minutes of competition, which puts him in the 15th position of the squad. He only has Malcom (25) behind -fichaje who did not ask Valverde-, besides Vermaelen (70), Munir (71) and Rafinha (109), players whom the sports area looked for accommodation during this summer without success. The minutes of Vidal, however, do not convince because in the two games that started (Athletic and Girona), the team did not pass the tie. Valverde, however, always defended him. "Why did you take Vidal out and remove Dembélé?", They questioned the coach after the Real duel, after Barca turned the result with a goal from the end. "Arturo reinforces the center of the field," replied the coach, annoyed even with the question. But Vidal gave it so much. This was demonstrated after the match against Tottenham-he went to waste time and close the result, as in Valladolid and Anoeta, despite having more minutes, when he posted on social networks an emoticon of anger. Minutes later, warned of his imprudence, he launched another more politically correct text. "Excellent team win," he wrote.

"It has been wrong in the forms", they recognize from the offices of the sports city azulgrana; "But anger has its good side; that a 31-year-old uncle shows that pride when he has already won almost everything, that point of rebellion … In addition, it is for what he came, to give race, character and competitiveness rather than to make watermarks ". Although they add: "The problem is that it can not be done publicly and neither does it make sense that it is in the game that the team has played the best and in which a very important victory has been achieved." That is why from the sports department they plan to hold a chat with the player to clarify the points, although there is no idea of ​​sanctioning him for indiscipline. "You have to get angry," Rakitic defended; "Because if he does not do it, maybe he lacks ambition." Although not all in the dressing room think the same because they understand that Vidal did not arrive to be the savior but to be a team player as in his day was Paulinho, wanted at the time for his status as a soldier and his guild sense. Something that Vidal, nicknamed King Arturo, can cost him to digest as happened to Neymar because he preferred PSG before the Camp Nou. But it is that in Barça, there is only one king and he has 10 on his back.

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