February 26, 2021

Arturo Fernández, the sentimental life of the eternal gallant

The reputation of gallant predicted him. The Asturian actor, Arturo Fernández, perfectly represented the role of eternal seducer, although in reality, his love life was much quieter than it seemed.

Only two women managed to conquer his heart.

The first, María Isabel Sensat, Catalan, with whom she married on March 22, 1967 in the church of San Vicente de Montait in Barcelona. As a result of this relationship, their three children were born. María Isabel (1967), Arturo (1970) and María Dolores (1973). The couple broke in 1987 without the reasons for their breakthrough, something that did not surprise given the discretion of the actor. He always maintained an excellent relationship with his daughters and with his granddaughters, of whom in an interview with Rosa Villacastín in 2017 he said "I have the immense luck of having three granddaughters and a grandson who are wonderful. The two majors, and some beautiful young ladies who are a danger – like the grandfather, they look pretty! -. A lovely grandchild, very clever, did not come out to me! And a great four-year-old granddaughter, who points to actress ways. "

After the mother of her children, Carmen Quesada arrived, a lawyer, with whom she was united almost forty years and who was, without a doubt, the woman of her life. They met when she was 21 and he was 50, but the difference in age was never an obstacle for them to form one of the strongest couples in the artistic scene. They never got married and every time they asked him the reason, Arturo always threw balls out.

There were many romances that were attributed to the favorite son of Gijón although they were never confirmed. The actresses Lupe Sino, Lea Massari, Maria Asquerino and Carmen Sevilla are among the women who supposedly had an "affair" with him. Relationships that never came to be confirmed. He never starred in any love scandal, despite his reputation as a conqueror.

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