April 11, 2021

Artificial intelligence to save battery and take professional photos with your phone | Technology

Artificial intelligence to save battery and take professional photos with your phone | Technology

We did not know that we needed a phone with the color screen until we had it. The same happened with the incorporation of the camera. And with the internet connection. Small revolutions that changed the way we interacted with the devices and brought new uses. The last big bet of Huawei It goes through integrating artificial intelligence as an essential feature of mobile phones. And it seems that he has achieved it. Huawei Mate 20 Pro uses this technology as its main engine to give a totally fluid usability. It allows to improve the photography with the AI ​​applied, to minimize the consumption of battery and some more curiosities. These are some of the reasons why we need a mobile phone with AI although we do not know it.

Professional photographs with just one click

One of the most outstanding features of Huawei Mate 20 Pro is its Leica camera, one of the most prestigious brands in the manufacture of photography gadgets. But in addition to having the star of the cameras, incorporates an AI system that complements it and is essential for the recognition of scenes. The camera detects the objects it is focusing on and its position to decide which are the best shooting conditions.

This way of working applies to all modes available: the camera incorporates two wide-angle lenses to take close-up and close-up pictures without losing quality and a telephoto lens to get distant images. The AI ​​system automatically adapts to all of them to help the user achieve professional results, stabilizing the image and focusing it, even in night shots or in very low light.

Artificial intelligence to save battery and take professional photos with your mobile

All these benefits also apply to video recording, with some extras. Artificial intelligence applied to video is able to predict movement to improve focus and apply special effects in real time. You can apply filters live on the videos you are recording. For example, the AI ​​identifies the protagonist of the scene and allows to keep it with color while everything else becomes black and white. To achieve this, the algorithm must detect what the movement is and be able to anticipate to process the information in real time.

Identify objects and offer information about them

This ability to recognize the objects that the camera has in front serves to improve the quality of the photos but also has other utilities. Through the HiVision function, Huawei Mate 20 Pro gets information about anything that is in front of your camera. Artificial intelligence detects objects, analyzes them and looks for information about them on the internet. If we add augmented reality to this equation, we can see data about anything that we focus with our mobile on the screen. For example: the calories of an apple, the basic historical information of monuments such as the Eiffel Tower or the author of the painting in front of you. In addition, this object recognition system can also help you identify items you like and provide you with a direct link to buy them.

Learn from your habits to improve performance

The artificial intelligence that lives in this mobile does more things for the users than those that are visible. Even if we do not realize it, the device learns what your usage habits are to maximize its performance. The objective is for the system to work more smoothly and to manage energy better. For example, it detects at what times of the day it is used the most and so it can save energy the rest of the time. It also has information about which applications are most used and when it is necessary to activate or not the Wifi depending on the moment.

By optimizing the use of the phone, it increases battery life and allows you to improve performance by not wasting energy. Reducing the consumption during the hours and the situations in which less is used the mobile allows that battery can be saved. All this is possible thanks to the Kirin 980 processor, faster and with less consumption than its predecessor, Huawei Mate 10. This was the first smartphone equipped with artificial intelligence and included a neural processor specifically dedicated to the management of the AI. The new processor improves its benefits even more.


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