July 29, 2021

Artificial intelligence made me faster and smarter – The Province

Artificial intelligence made me faster and smarter - The Province

Grow, evolve and improve. These principles are what many people follow in their personal and professional lives. Who wants to stay stuck and not prosper? Every time we use a product we want it to be better and to increase the results of the previous one, to help us in our day to day and to produce a degree of satisfaction away from the frustration that sometimes make us feel the use of some devices. And what do we use day to day in our personal life and many in the professional? The mobile, smartphone or smart phone that has ceased to be a technological complement to become an essential element both when leaving home and when returning to it.

And not only to use social networks, send messages and receive calls, has become a tool that helps us perform our daily tasks by calculating, indicating the way to our destination, looking for information on any product or service and managing the device as if it were our computer. And we want it to work. And that is fast, fluid and that your battery lasts all day and does not leave us lying at the most important moment.

The true experience in the use of the mobile

It is not a dependency, it is a necessity that facilitates our daily tasks and that evolves at the rhythm of our schedules. But not everyone gets it. Having a really smart phone that predicts and learns how to use the device, as fast as our fingers and our brain, with practically unlimited space and instant response is not within the reach of any brand.

Currently, and thanks to the advance in Artificial Intelligence and its new processors, Huawei offers us a tool that will support our professional and personal rhythm throughout the day, and even the next, without the need to charge your battery -which reaches 75% in just 30 minutes of loading-, it will respond to all our demands and will always solve our problems with a fluidity and consumption never seen before. That tool is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

A modern, fast and secure way of 3D facial unlocking, will allow us to unlock the phone either at night, against backlight or even in the dark; or its ultraprecise fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen – the edges are finished and the symmetrical vanguard design with a super thin profile with curved glass – integrated dual stereo speakers, water and dust resistance and even the possibility of sharing our battery charge with other phones makes Huawei's Mate 20 Pro the most advanced mobile technology system. It has become a powerful working tool that, with the help of its new Kirin 980 processor, its architecture and the latest graphics engine, offer unrivaled performance of neural network processing, which, among other things, translates texts in real time and optimizes the resource consumption of the terminal by learning from the user automatically. Frustration over the use of a mobile is over.

Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve and improve our daily life

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while but we are not able to identify it or find out what it helps us with. Huawei Mate 20 Pro helps us discover the experience of using AI in such normal and daily use actions as adjusting the use of energy according to your use, recognizing your facial gestures, obtaining and giving you all the information about anything in front of you of the camera, be it a building, a monument or an object, monitor your health by helping you to live a healthier life, in short, to have an answer to any question in La Palma of your hand.

Simply activate the camera and discover a new world of possibilities, find out where and how much they sell that coat worn by the person in front of you, translate in real time the menu text of the exotic restaurant where you are, find out if the dish that you are about to eat is healthy or communicate with that person who speaks a language totally unknown to you. The Huawei Mate 20 PRO AI allows you to analyze, recognize and know your world and you too.

The most advanced camera on the market

With Mate 20 Pro you will have access to the most versatile camera in the world thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, triple Leica camera, 4D predictive focus that gives you perfect sharpness and focus thanks to object recognition and real-time tracking, cinematic mode, night mode stabilized that will allow you to take excellent night shots without using a tripod, cinematic mode, a super zoom, a new macro mode that gives you the possibility to focus on objects as little as 2.5 centimeters away, the professional blur that gives us its portrait mode and the triple angular lens with which we can take panoramic photos without having to move.

Three prestigious lenses that will convert your photos and selfies into the highest quality among your friends and colleagues and that with the help of Artificial Intelligence and almost unlimited storage, will make you live an unprecedented experience in the use of a smartphone. Huawei Mate 20 Pro is what you want to be, smarter, faster and always two steps ahead.


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