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Art is a transmitter of emotions. It doesn't matter if it's classic or contemporary, if it's painting or music, if the person who enjoys it has a low or high cultural level. The great artists of history are those who have managed to spread sadness, love, ecstasy or hatred beyond their own time and without differentiating who stands before creation. The collection of books and DVDs This is art travels through the trajectory of different authors and the feelings that best embodied, through the works they created to capture them. The first issue, dedicated to Van Gogh and melancholy, goes on sale for 1.95 euros on Sunday 19, with EL PAÍS. It is also available on the Collections website.

Admiring, laughing, wishing and crying are part of human nature. To know its manifestations is to know ourselves. Artistic creation has been a way of scrutinizing the human being at all times. This is art, consisting of 24 deliveries, brings the necessary tools to unravel these expressions in art history. Each delivery contains a book dedicated to an artist and an emotion with their respective DVD, focused on feeling.

This audiovisual content coincides with the documentary series This is art, led by the cultural popularizer Ramón Gener, and from which this collection starts. The musician and writer, who has directed other productions such as This is opera, invites all readers to join the art without fear through this collection suitable for both novels and connoisseurs. "One should feel invited and challenged by art, I encourage everyone to take the first step towards him because he will realize that he cannot fail, it is impossible, he can only go further," he emphasizes.

For two years Gener and the rest of the team have shot on stages around the world. A production that qualifies as "mastodóntica" and that has made them live "hilarious" moments, which are collected in the collection, and experiences of great personal depth. “When we saw‘ in situ ’in the Auschwitz camp all the art that had been done there, painting on tablets, everything that had been taken out, was a very deep experience for the team,” Gener details. They have also had to face setbacks, such as bumping into Big Ben surrounded by scaffolding on recording day. "You have to play with it and know how to integrate it into the program."

Art through emotions

Each delivery of the collection allows to know the biography of the artist, its time and evolution, thematic, in addition to the iconography or symbolism of the most characteristic objects and colors of his work, deepening the meaning of the pieces. The information is complemented by reproductions of the works, sections that extend the most interesting visual details and time lines with the journey of the history of feelings to which the book is dedicated. Rubens, El Greco, Rafael, Bernini, Turner, Monet, Rembrandt or Malevich are some of the great masters who star This is art.

The collection condenses one inCyclopedia of art and emotions in a few installments, betting on the image and pedagogical character. The first issue is dedicated to Van Gogh and melancholy. His life, the imprint he left in the impressionist movement, the use of yellow in his paintings and other details are detailed in this book.

From the second installment the price of each book with its corresponding DVD is 9.95 euros.


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