August 3, 2021

Arroyo de Sant Llorenç is listed as a "flood risky area"

Arroyo de Sant Llorenç is listed as a "flood risky area"

The creek of Ses Planes, that crosses a part of the Majorcan municipality of Sant Llorenç de Cardassar, is identified in the National Floodplain Mapping System as a "significant potential risk area" and is therefore a channel with danger before the Flood risk.

The town of Sant Llorenç was the one that suffered the most serious consequences of torrential rains last Tuesday, which have caused twelve deaths – a five year old child is still missing.

The National Floodplain Mapping System -dependent of the Ministry for Ecological Transition- was launched by the Government in 2008 as an instrument to support the management of the river area, risk prevention, territorial planning and administrative transparency, and with the objective of identifying the flood zones of Spain to avoid urban development in areas of risk.

The Council of Ministers today met a report from the Ministry of the Interior on the episode of heavy rains in the area of ​​Sant Llorenç and its consequences in terms of civil protection, and it states that the stream that crosses the town is listed as "area of ​​significant potential risk".

The report indicates on a map the area that could be affected by a flood with a "return period" of 500 years, and a 0.002 percent annual probability of registering floods of these characteristics.

Remember the report of the Ministry of the Interior that in September 1989 the same municipality suffered an episode of similar characteristics, with rainfall of between 150 and 200 liters per square meter, in which seven people died in different municipalities of the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza .

The report that the Ministry of the Interior has taken to the Council of Ministers today reviews how the warnings and meteorological warnings took place last Tuesday before the prediction of storms and rains in the Balearic Islands, and how the warning threshold was raised, which was first "orange" "(significant risk) and then" red "(extreme risk).

It analyzes the consequences and effects on civil protection (victims and disappeared) and the numerous damages in housing, infrastructure, vehicles and road network.

The report of the Ministry of the Interior also details how the response of the public administrations has been (sending 150 Civil Guard troops, a contingent of the UME or material and human means of Maritime Rescue) and what are the aids that are general can be granted to alleviate situations like this.

The Ministry of the Interior recalls in its report that the decree (of 2005) that regulates subsidies derived from emergency or catastrophic situations includes "palliative" aids for family units and for material damages suffered in homes and household goods, communities of owners, businesses or industrial facilities and services.

It also affects the "extraordinary" measures foreseen in the Law of the National Civil Protection System for those emergencies whose magnitude requires the intervention of the General State Administration for its recovery, although for this purpose it is necessary to declare the affected area as "an area seriously affected by a civil protection emergency "(procedure initiated by the central government today).

Among these "extraordinary" measures, which are expected to be approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers next Friday, include financial assistance to individuals for damage to their primary residence and basic necessities, compensation to local corporations for expenses derived from "non-postponable actions". "or aid to industrial establishments, shops and services.

The aid could also be extended to alleviate damage to agricultural, livestock or forestry production, and could be fiscal, labor or Social Security measures, says the report of the Ministry of the Interior.

The same report notes that the declaration of the Levante region of the island of Mallorca as "seriously affected by a civil protection emergency" has already been requested by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of the Balearic Government through the Ministry of Policy Territorial and Public Function, with the aim of articulating all the aids and measures provided for in the law.


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