Arrive in the USA With a humanitarian visa, a sick former Cuban opposition prisoner

The Cuban opposition Xiomara Cruz Miranda, an activist for the Ladies in White, arrived in Miami on Tuesday with a humanitarian visa to deal with the evil that afflicts her since she was held for about a year in an island prison and that she attributes to the regime “injected something inside”

Visibly weak and thin, Cruz denounced to the press that he was waiting for her at the Miami International Airport that he thinks they inoculated something, but that he has faith that he will be cured in the United States.

In a wheelchair and not wanting to talk to the media a lot because he “lacked the air,” the opposition arrived in the company of her daughter Clara Iznaga.

The 58-year-old opponent told Efe that the humanitarian visa will allow her to spend two to three months in Miami, where she will be treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Cruz, also a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (Unpacu), the group of José Daniel Ferrer, imprisoned since October, lamented that in a period of “nine months” he has lost his muscle mass.

“The meat is now attached to the bone,” he said.

Surrounded by Cuban dissidents, among them the Ladies in White María Elena Alpízar and Blanca Reyes, Cruz was immediately taken to the hospital in an ambulance, the doctor and humanitarian activist Alfredo Melgar explained to Efe.

Upon inoculation, Alpízar told Efe that “all anti-Castro prisoners are at that risk” of being injected with “viruses or pathogenic bacteria”, but that he expects Xiomara Cruz to be cured in the United States.

“She is a brave woman who when she entered the prison was completely healthy and left as well as a concentration camp,” Melgar said.

The doctor did not rule out the possibility that the allegations that he was inoculated on purpose were true, noting that this has already happened on the island before.

“It can be a virus or a bacterium that is very aggressive and can cause an infectious process,” he added.

On the other hand, the doctor said he may also have something “malignant, such as cancer or lymphoma, judging by the deterioration he has suffered in a short time and the anemia that affects it.

He regretted that he was being treated for tuberculosis on the island without proper diagnosis.

The Cuban activist achieved a humanitarian visa promoted by a community campaign of exile groups in Miami such as the Ladies in White and the Cuban-American National Foundation, who asked congressmen to intercede before the US government, explained Efe Alpízar.

Melgar, who said he will have blood tests, biopsies and bone marrow studies to treat it correctly, explained that he will need at least three months in case of chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

“A person who deteriorates so quickly must have contracted an infectious disease or a malignant process,” he reiterated.

Bello told Efe that the help of Berta Soler, the leader of the Cuban opposition movement Damas de Blanco on the island, was “fundamental in the departure of Xiomara from Cuba.”


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