Arrimadas urges the PP to try to add in Galicia with a formula that guarantees the "autonomy" of Citizens

In an interview in 'The mornings of RNE', collected by Europa Press, the Catalan leader explained that, once the deadline to present a coalition, which was the "logical" option, both parties can study other ways.

"We could still be in time to find some formula that adds up in Galicia, which takes into account the weight of our parties," Arrimadas said, and then discarded the "offer" of the Galician PP, which aims, as he has pointed out, to absorb them or Let them disappear.

"Citizens will be present in Galicia," said the spokeswoman for Cs, who reminded the PP that Manuel "Fraga lost the absolute majority by 11,000 votes." "We had, I think, almost 50,000. This contempt for Citizen voters seems to me to be, apart from unfair, a bit foolish at a time like this," he added.

Asked about whether one of these routes could be presented with the 'popular' Galicians and, once the seats were obtained, go out to the mixed group, Arrimadas has insisted that "the coalition term is over". "We are willing to continue talking while the autonomy of Cs is respected," he said.

In this context, Arrimadas has made it clear that he prefers "a constitutionalist government to one of the BNG". "In Galicia many things can be changed," he said, and then settle: "If the PP continues in the negative, we will have to present ourselves."


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