Cs renovators, the platform that brings together a group of former deputies, public officials and grassroots affiliates of Ciudadanos, has become a kind of Jiminy Cricket for the formation led by Inés Arrimadas, who have been asked to resign and call for an extraordinary Assembly in the face of successive electoral bumps and “mistakes” that, they consider, the new party leadership has committed. A good part of the members of this group come from Catalonia, starting with its spokesman, Antonio Espinosa, who was a deputy of the Parliament in the previous legislature. Renovators It was born after the terrible results obtained by Ciudadanos in the last elections to the Generalitat held in February and in which they went from 36 deputies to only six. It was when they decided to promote the platform, “upon seeing Arrimadas’ response, ensuring that the right thing had been done and that it was not necessary to take any action or assume any responsibility,” he clarifies, in conversation with elDiario.es.