June 20, 2021

Arrimadas sees it necessary to “promote the liberal center” to prevent the return of “bipartisanship”

Inés Arrimadas has reaffirmed this Monday on the need to “relaunch the Citizens’ project” as a space for a “liberal center” that avoids the “return of bipartisanship” since she considers that at this time her party “is more necessary than ever” , despite the poor results that it has been reaping in successive elections, the last in Madrid, which places them on the brink of disappearance.

It is the idea that the president of Ciudadanos has remarked in a press conference after the meeting of the Permanent Committee of her party, in which she recalled that this is the objective pursued by the Political Convention that they will celebrate in the first half of July, which was scheduled for last year but could not be celebrated due to the pandemic. A conclave whose purpose, as he has assured, will be to reinforce the idea that there is “an alternative to bipartisanship” and that it leads the reforms that “many citizens are waiting to be reactivated in our country.” The party leader has not wanted to advance whether at that convention it will be decided to modify the name of the formation, very worn as an electoral brand, or there will be changes in the structure of the party, as some leaders are pointing out outside the focus of the cameras. Arrimadas has not denied such an extreme but has stressed that the important thing in this meeting will be “to focus on the content” and not on the “continent” to “re-enlighten” the voters by putting more weight on “the measures, proposals and programs” ,

Arrimadas has reappeared this Monday before journalists 15 days after the electoral defeat of Ciudadanos in Madrid and the day after the broadcast of the Sixth program Saved, dedicated to analyzing the rise and fall of his party while it was led by his predecessor, Albert Rivera, whose obsession, according to the testimonies provided by some former leaders of the formation, was only “to be president of the Government.”

However, Arrimadas has escaped the questions by ensuring that he did not see the program so he could not make “an assessment” of its content. The party leader has not been clear when answering whether it is true that Minister José Luis Ábalos – as he pointed out in the program – contacted her to convince her of the need to close an agreement with her party after the victory in the elections of April 28, when both formations added 180 seats. He has also avoided giving his opinion on a possible union with the PP in the future, something for which some of the territorial leaders of his party are betting.

To whom he has answered is Casado who has said that the legislature is “dead.” “I do not know if the legislature is dead. But what I do know is that there are many freelancers and companies whose businesses have died,” he stressed.

The Citizen leader has regretted, on the other hand, that in Catalonia there will be a “disastrous” government that “will not govern for anyone, except for the small group of leaders of the procés”. And he has taken the opportunity to criticize Pedro Sánchez and his separatist partners who “only agree to destroy our country” and to “pardon these gentlemen despite what they have done and what they want to do”

Arrimadas has also advanced that his parliamentary group is going to strongly oppose in Congress “the saber” that Sánchez has announced aimed at raising taxes on the self-employed, among other sectors. With this, it takes for granted that they will harden their position against the Government that until now they have been supporting in all states of alarm and opening to agree on the General State Budgets. An opposition line that has not brought them any benefit based on the results of the elections in Catalonia and Madrid.


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