Arrimadas says that there is time to move forward ‘Best United’ in Galicia and Euskadi “if there is political will”

“If there is political will, I believe that if it will give us time,” said Arrimadas, who has argued that just as “nationalism joins” the constitutionalists must try to “join forces, each in their own space”, for the interests of the Spanish.

In this sense, the candidate to lead the orange party has indicated that it was “foreseeable” that this electoral advance was produced and that is why contacts have already been put in place so that this formula can be a reality and has explained that letters have been sent To PP, PSOE, UPyD and members of civil society to try to close agreements.

“We have sent the letter to the PSOE with little hope that they want to join. But that it does not remain for us,” he admitted in statements to Onda Cero collected by Europa Press.

In this sense, he has defended this formula of “transversal and exceptional agreements” in “exceptional territories and circumstances” and has censored that the PSOE has left the “social democratic space”.

“Nobody doubts that Citizens remain the liberal center in Spain, what happens is that ‘sanchismo’, together with Podemos, has gone to extremes, and thus it is more difficult to agree with the left,” he has censored.

Along these lines, he reiterated that they reach out to referents of the social democratic space as militants of the PSOE who do not share “the Sanchista drift” and are not comfortable within the party and would like an agreement between constitutionalists that corner the nationalists.


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