Arrimadas now recognizes that it was "a serious mistake to give the PP in 2019 the four presidencies of communities"

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, acknowledged this Monday during an interview with the newspaper El País that, "seeing what has happened", the negotiation that Ciudadanos made in 2019 "was a serious error, because the four presidencies of the autonomous communities were gifted to the PP at a time when they had obtained their worst result." That said, he attacks Pablo Casado, to whom he attributes without a doubt the decision of the leader of his party, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, to bring forward the elections in Castilla y León after dismissing all the councilors of Ciudadanos.

Fran Hervías, Mr. Lobo de Rivera, nine months in the service of the PP

Fran Hervías, Mr. Lobo de Rivera, nine months in the service of the PP

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For this reason, Arrimadas insists that those agreements closed during the presidency of Albert Rivera were "a mistake" because they already see "how they are used." "If they had been loyal partners there would have been no problems, but seeing how they have used the nuclear advance button, of course we could have negotiated much better. You cannot give a bipartisan party so much power for free because we already know how they use it." has regretted, also referring to the Community of Madrid where Isabel Díaz Ayuso used the same excuse as Mañueco —that his partners from Ciudadanos were preparing a motion of censure against the coalition government itself— to break the pact and call early elections. Arrimadas categorically denies that Francisco Igea, the former vice president of the Board, was maneuvering to unseat Mañueco together with the PSOE and accuses the leader of the PP of having given the order to break the agreement and precipitate the elections for personal interests: "The The trigger has been Casado's order from Madrid because he needs to cover up Ayuso's victory and use the territories as stepping stones to try to reach La Moncloa, "he says.

Despite everything, the leader of Ciudadanos has not revealed whether after the elections in that community, scheduled for February 13, if her party survives, she would agree again with the PP. "What we are going to defend is the good government agreement, which Luis Tudanca's PSOE attacked with an infamous motion of censure a few months ago and which Mañueco is now attacking by dynamiting the Government." When cross-examined on this issue, she reiterates the same and even says that they come out "to win": "Now what Mañueco has wanted is to blow up all the bridges with Citizens. Here we go out to win. The time has come in Spain to Talk about the content of the agreements. " Later on, he recalls that the Government where the loyalty of the partners has been most tested is precisely that of Castilla y León. The PSOE already tried to buy from Ciudadanos [presentando un moción de censura, que fracasó] and they voted 'no' with both hands. "

The Ciudadanos leader acknowledges that Casado has not even called her to explain what happened in Castilla y León. "No, he has not called. I suppose he will not have a very clear conscience. He knows that this is a hoax and he needs to reinforce his internal leadership, because he does not have it easy," he insists.

He trusts that the pact in Andalusia will remain

Arrimadas, however, is convinced that the only coalition pact with Citizens that remains alive in a community, that of Andalusia, will be maintained because the regional president, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, is not "going to give in to pressure from Married". As he says, the leader of the Andalusian PP has assured him that "the Government of Andalusia is ahead, that the legislature must be exhausted because there are many projects that have to be approved in the first half of 2022".

But what she is convinced of is that in the Madrid City Council, or in Zaragoza, where both parties also govern together, those agreements have not been broken because the PP cannot advance the municipal elections.

However, he also criticizes Pedro Sánchez as the other piece of "bipartisanship" and rules out supporting him in the future, if it were in his power. "The Sánchez government seems to me the worst of democracy, due to its cessions to nationalism and populism, and Ciudadanos is a fundamental piece for there to be an alternative to that."

"Spain deserves that we do not fall into this bibloquism of a totally unrecognizable PSOE, sanchista, thrown to Podemos and a PP that increasingly competes with Vox. You do not have to ask yourself what is going to happen with Ciudadanos. You have to ask yourself what is going to happen with Ciudadanos. happen with Spain if there is not a party like Ciudadanos ", ditch, defending the survival of its formation.


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