July 29, 2021

Arrimadas, new president of Citizens after winning the primary to Igea with 77% of the votes

The spokeswoman for Citizens in Congress, Inés Arrimadas, will be the next president of this party after winning the primaries this weekend with 76.91% of the votes, compared to 22.32% obtained by the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea.

As reported by Cs in a statement, Arrimadas has received the support of 9,481 sharps, while Igea has obtained 2,752 votes and the third candidate, the Valencian militant Ximo Aparici, has obtained 94 votes (0.74%).

The participation in these primaries has reached 59.5%, having voted 12,328 affiliates out of a total census of 20,713.

This represents an increase of 25 percentage points compared to the 2017 primary, when Albert Rivera was re-elected as president of the orange formation with a support of 87.3%, but a low participation, just over 34%.

Of those who voted this time, the vast majority (98.1%) did so on Saturday electronically, while 1.9% have deposited their ballot in person this Sunday in the eight provinces where this modality was authorized.


After making his victory public, Arrimadas has thanked the affiliates who have “overflowed with illusion” the primaries and has assured that she will be the president “of all”.

“We will work tirelessly so that together we return that same illusion to millions of the future. We look to the future together and forward!” He wrote in his Twitter account.

Arrimadas and Igea, whose discrepancies over the party model and political strategy have become apparent in recent weeks, have had a conversation after learning the result of the vote, as both have said on Twitter.

“I just spoke with Inés Arrimadas to congratulate her on the result,” wrote the candidate, who thanked the 2,752 militants who supported him.

“From today it is time to work to offer the Spanish a party that exceeds the dynamics of trenches. United and forward,” he said, ending his message with the motto used by Arrimadas in his campaign and accompanying him with a photograph of the two together .

The deputy, meanwhile, said that she thanked the regional vice president for having presented to the primary, and added: “Once heard the voice of militancy, it is time to row together in the same direction, united and forward Spain needs more than ever a strong liberal center. “


Inés Arrimadas (Jerez de la Frontera, 1981) was elected Deputy in Congress for Barcelona in the general elections of April 2019, after which she was appointed spokesperson for the parliamentary group. In the November elections, when Cs went from 57 to ten deputies, he managed to revalidate his seat.

Previously, she was the spokeswoman for the National Executive of Citizens and leader of the opposition in Catalonia, where she was a deputy of the Parliament from 2012 to early 2019. Although she won the 2017 regional elections, she could not form a government because she did not have the backing of a majority enough.

Together with Arrimadas, the militancy of Cs has chosen the team with which it was presented to the primaries, who will become the members of the new Executive Committee of the party.

The new president and her team will take office during the V General Assembly of Citizens, which will be held on March 14 and 15. Then the mandate of the Manager, who has led the party since Rivera resigned in November after the collapse of Cs in the elections, will end.


The vast majority of the future leaders of the Orange Party were already part of the previous Rivera Executive: of the 35 members of the Arrimadas candidacy, 31 were already in the previous direction.

To these will be added another four that will enter later, because they still do not have the minimum seniority as affiliates, of which three were already with Rivera. That is, 87% of future leaders are not new to the Executive of Cs.

Where there are changes is in the most relevant positions, after the election result of November 10 motivated the resignation not only of Rivera, but of the secretary general, José Manuel Villegas, the secretary of Organization, Fran Hervías, and that of Communication , Fernando de Páramo.

The successor of Villegas will be Marina Bravo, deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia who replaced Toni Roldán in the Executive as Secretary of Programs.

In addition, Arrimadas has elected the secretary of Finance, Carlos Cuadrado, as first deputy secretary, former deputy Joan Mesquida as second deputy secretary, deputy José María Espejo as deputy assistant secretary and former deputy Melisa Rodríguez as spokesman.


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