Arrimadas conveys his “concern” about the pardons to European leaders and criticizes Garamendi for supporting them

Inés Arrimadas met this Thursday in Brussels with leaders of the European Commission and leaders of the liberal group Renew Europe – to which her party belongs – to whom she expressed her discomfort over Pedro Sánchez’s decision to grant pardons to the independence leaders of the you process. In the press conference that he has subsequently offered together with the head of his party’s delegation in the European Parliament, Luis Garicano, Arrimadas has indicated that he has transferred to the vice president and commissioner of Values ​​and Transparency, Vera Jourova, his concern and ” all the information we have first-hand “on the issue of pardons, explaining, among other things, the unfavorable reports that have been ruled by both the Supreme Court and the State Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, he has detailed that the prisoners not only “have not repented” of their actions, but “they have said on several occasions that they would do it again”, that is, to call an illegal referendum aimed at the Catalans to vote for independence. , which for Ciudadanos is all “a coup against democracy and legality.” In case you did not know, he has also pointed out that his party at that time –2017– was the “winner of the elections” in Catalonia.

The Catalan bishops, in favor of the pardon as "measure of grace" for the politicians of the procès

The Catalan bishops, in favor of the pardon as a “measure of grace” for the politicians of the procès

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The president of Ciudadanos did not want to reveal what the vice president of the European Commission’s response was, but she took advantage of the press conference that she offered after the day to respond to the president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, who in an interview on TVE has said about the pardons that “they are welcome” if they help “things to normalize” in Catalonia.

Arrimadas him that replied that “normality” in Catalonia “has never recovered”, since, in his opinion, non-independent Catalan citizens continue to suffer harassment, the public media continue to “insult half of the Catalans”; “Sentences are violated” on linguistic issues, public buildings remain “with separatist propaganda”, and “indoctrination in schools” continues. “Perhaps that is the problem. There are some who think that while the nationalists do not carry out a coup d’état or declare independence, it is that they are complying with the law, and that is not having a clue of what we Catalan constitutionalists suffer,” he said. added.

The president of Ciudadanos has insisted that Sánchez’s plans are an “affront” to the judicial system and the separation of powers, in addition to going against the majority sentiment of the Spaniards and the electoral promises of the president who said in campaign that he was in against pardons. However, he has denounced that now the Prime Minister “kneels” before the nationalists in order to remain in power as long as possible. “We are going to do what the government is not doing, refute nationalist propaganda and continue defending the interests of the Spanish and fight for Spain,” Arrimadas said.

Along with this, the leader of Citizens has asked the Government to “invest well” the money from the restructuring fund that Brussels has approved for Spain. “We celebrate that Europe complies, but now we hope that Spain also complies and spends well that item that has cost a lot to agree on. We cannot waste this opportunity and hand it out, as this Government has done with Plus Ultra.” Arrimadas has indicated that although it is good news that this money arrives, Spain’s plan on that distribution has not yet been brought to Parliament. “We will see if it is a country plan or a party and propaganda plan of Mr. Redondo,” he has settled.


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