June 3, 2020

Arrimadas blames only Sánchez that the pacts can see the light

The Cs leader, Inés Arrimadas, has held Pedro Sánchez responsible for the so-called “reconstruction pacts” can go ahead with the consensus of the opposition, social agents and autonomies because it is who has “the mechanisms and responsibility” to promote them .

Arrimadas, in a telematic press conference with direct questions from journalists, believes that it is the Prime Minister who must demonstrate whether he has a true will to reach a consensus and moderate agreement or is only looking for a photo.

In this way, he referred to the plenary session on Thursday in which the crossroads of criticism and criticism between Sánchez and the PP president, Pablo Casado, in addition to other political leaders, made a scenario visible, in principle, with little margin to reach an agreement.

Arrimadas, who has not yet been called to the meeting that Sánchez wants to hold next week to start talking about a great reconstruction pact, has insisted that she does not know what the others will do but that Ciudadanos will try to make that agreement Get ahead if you really see a change for Sanchez in that direction.

“Instead of spending 12 days without talking to the opposition and finding out from the press about the decrees to see what he does now,” said the orange leader.

Citizens, he insisted, has reached out to the Executive to facilitate that agreement “which is not to go back to the 70s” and is not to change the democratic system or assume the Podemos thesis either.

“Not much less. It is to agree on a sensible, moderate and negotiated socio-economic reconstruction plan” that ends improvisation, populism and unilateralism and that has the opposition, social partners and communities, has concluded.


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