Arrimadas affirms that Ciudadanos is the only party that has made “a responsible opposition”

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, on Tuesday made her particular assessment of this 2020 marked by the pandemic and the consequent health and economic crisis that it has entailed for our country, which is why she has not hesitated to describe the year as “very hard “but, at the same time,” gratifying “to see” that the public has reacted with enormous responsibility. ” An attitude has contrasted with that which in his opinion has been maintained by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, whom he has criticized for his “lack of leadership” and the many “mistakes” he has made in managing the crisis in its two aspects.

Sánchez and Arrimadas seal their rupture after the failure in the negotiation of the Budgets

Sánchez and Arrimadas seal their rupture after the failure in the negotiation of the Budgets

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Arrimadas has had words of remembrance for the thousands of deceased and of gratitude for all the groups that have helped save lives and has opined that, within the bad, the only positive of the suffering suffered during these months is that “it has opened its eyes to many people so that they have recognized the essential tasks that these workers have carried out. “” Thanks to them the crisis has been better overcome, “he declared.

In his speech, Arrimadas has claimed above all the “responsible” opposition work carried out by the ten deputies of his parliamentary group in Congress, demonstrating that Ciudadanos “is the only party of the center and responsible”, which from the beginning has worked and negotiated with the Government thinking of “the welfare of the Spaniards” before their own interests. “We offered a moderate alternative and stopped, among other things, tax increases for the middle class,” he stressed, after recalling that they were the first to ask for a general national emergency budget to face the ravages of COVID-19. “The opposition is not being in a waiting room where you sit and wait until you have to govern,” he said.

However, he regretted that in the end Sánchez “chose the radicalism” of his “separatist” partners whom they now want to “pardon”, something that he finds “outrageous.” “Spain needs fewer pardons for the coup plotters and more direct aid to our SMEs and the self-employed,” he said. Arrimadas has also opined that the President of the Government “has lacked leadership to direct the pandemic through the good and the bad” although he “gets many medals.” Then he has made fun of the report that the Government itself has prepared and has just presented on “fulfilled commitments.” “He himself has chosen his examiners. If it were today, December 28, they could say that it is an innocent,” Arrimadas said.

The Ciudadanos leader, however, has recognized that for any government “it is difficult to manage” what has come our way but this does not mean that the bipartisan of Sánchez and Iglesias has been less responsible, since she believes that it has adopted “late” many of the measures approved during the states of alarm, which his party has successively supported.

Arrimadas has been hopeful because it begins to “see light at the end of the tunnel” thanks to the arrival of vaccines. In this sense, although he has asked for “prudence”, he has pointed out that “the vaccine is great news” although he has attributed the success to “a great advance in science, the efforts of the health sector and the coordination work of the European Union “, and not to the Executive.

“I am very proud to preside over this party,” Arrimadas summarized after claiming the work they are also doing in the communities where they govern with the PP -but ignoring the tensions that live in Madrid-, and that they exercise as opposition in others, in which they have helped to carry out the regional Budgets, as in Asturias and Aragon.

Finally, the leader of Ciudadanos has predicted that they will do well in the next elections in Catalonia scheduled for February 14, although she has not wanted to reveal if she has already planned the lists and if there will be many changes. “We will have the best team for that challenge of being able to govern.” “We are working on it to turn the situation around because the Catalans deserve to leave the procés behind. I am hopeful that this is possible if all constitutionalists go out to vote,” he concluded.


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