April 18, 2021

Arrested the player of Levante Toño García | sports

Arrested the player of Levante Toño García | sports

The football player from Toño García Aranda, defender of Lift UD 29 years old, has been arrested on Friday, as confirmed by the Valencian club itself in a statement. The left side is among the seven arrested in a police operation in Teruel in which they investigate other so many crimes, among which are those of extortion and threats. "In relation to the information about the arrest of the player of our first squad, given that the judicial proceedings are subject to summary secrecy, Levante UD, without prejudice to how much in the future it may agree, shows its support to the player and his family, because we do not know the circumstances that led the investigating judge to adopt such a measure ", begins the text published on the website of the Valencian team.

The judge of Instruction number 3 of Teruel has declared this Friday the remanded in custody of seven people who had previously gone to court as investigators for their possible responsibility in the commission of seven crimes, among which is extortion and threats, according to judicial sources. The judge has decreed the prison for all of them after five detainees had appeared this morning before the judge and two others had been summoned to testify by the court. "For the respect that the footballer deserves in such difficult moments and his presumption of innocence, from the club, for the moment and until there is no more news about the facts that cause his detention, he will not make more statements public on this situation ", concludes the brief note of the Levante.

According to judicial sources, in the absence of what further investigations may determine, the investigating judge considers that there are sufficient indications of the possible involvement of Toño García in several crimes, among which are belonging to a criminal group or organization, extortion, serious threats of death, against the privacy of persons, documentary falsification, usurpation of marital status and money laundering. The judicial investigation remains open and the investigating magistrate has decreed the secrecy of proceedings.

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