Arrested the most wanted pedophile in Spain after discussing with an agent

Arrested the most wanted pedophile in Spain after discussing with an agent

Agents of the Unit Assigned to the Courts of the National Police has arrested Marcelino Fernández Arnaiz, 64 years old, early Friday morning in the Courts of Plaza de Castilla, better known as the 'Astillero pederasta' and considered one of the biggest pedophiles in Spain, Europa Press has informed a spokeswoman of the Police Headquarters of Madrid.

The now arrested has been addressed to the Courts early this morning because he had to collect documentation related to a complaint he made about a theft. The man has refused to pass the relevant surveillance control, so He has started a strong discussion with one of the security guards.

Then, they have called the national police assigned to the Courts and Prosecutor's Office of Plaza Castilla, who have verified that the controversial individualA request for gender violence was filed by a court in Santander, so it has ended in detention.

One of the biggest pedophiles in Spain

Marcelino Fernández Arnaiz, better known as 'the pederast of Astillero', Cantabrian town of which he is a native, has numerous records of sexual assault on minors since 1980 (1983, 1986, 1990, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2008) and on other occasions He again abused minors once he got out of prison or psychiatric.

This happened the penultimate time he was sentenced to five years in prison by the Provincial Court of Cantabria, in June 2005, for sexual assault on a girl of six years in Torrelavega, a crime he committed three months after completing the time of stay in the mental institution where he was held.

Then, the Hearing of Cantabria agreed to increase the preventive prison until the maximum allowed, that is to say half of the sentence. The pederast fully complied with the five-year sentence imposed on him, given that he had been in prison for this cause since July 2003, and left the prison of Dueñas (Palencia) on 20 August.

The ruling showed that Marcelino Fernández has a medium-low IQ, without mental retardation, but "with lack of internalization of moral and social rules, loss of control of impulses, secular disorder of paraphilic type" and "long-term conflictive behaviors" that modify "slightly" his intellectual and volitional capacity.

Three days after leaving the prison of Dueñas, in August 2008, he was arrested again for sexually assaulting a 6-year-old boy in Santander. According to the sentence, which sentenced him in 2009 to nine years in prison, he proposed three children to invite them to treats, and he went to a store to buy them.

Later, two of the children went to play and Marcelino stayed with one of them, 6 years old, to whom he tried to touch and remove the clothes. The girl resisted and her cries and screams alerted a neighbor, who saw everything and recriminated his attitude to Marcelino, who fled.

The ruling considers that the 'Astillero pedophile' does not suffer from major psychotic or affective pathology, and that his intellectual capacity is within the range of normality, which is why has the capacity to differentiate between good and evil. This was determined by the forensic and psychological medical report, which admitted that he suffers from a personality disorder, borderline intelligence – with a low normal coefficient – and pedophilia.


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