April 11, 2021

Arrested the couple of the decapitated of Alicante as alleged perpetrator of the crime

Arrested the couple of the decapitated of Alicante as alleged perpetrator of the crime

The sentimental couple of the woman found last Saturday her throat cut in a country house in Planes (Alicante), a man of 34 years, has been detained by the Civil Guard as the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

Sources familiar with the case have informed Efe that, although initially suicide was considered as the most probable hypothesisFinally, the autopsy has ruled out this possibility and the investigation has led to the arrest of the man. Of Spanish nationality, like the one arrested, the woman was 29 years old and had lived for about a year in a country house located in La Ceba, in the term of Planes (in the interior of the province of Alicante ). The victim had with the alleged aggressor a baby of little more than three months.

The arrest occurred today after investigators received the results of the forensic examination performed on the victim's body this morning at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Alicante. At around 6 am on Saturday, the detainee telephoned the emergency services warning that he had been awakened by the crying baby and that when descending to the ground floor of the house He found on the floor the lifeless body of the woman next to a knife.

Agents of the judicial police of the Civil Guard of Villena took charge of the investigations, which at first pointed to a possible suicide, and there were no detainees waiting for the autopsy. From the beginning, the agents almost completely discarded the possibility that it was a robbery, within a case that was declared under summary secrecy. Both the mortal victim and his partner and now detainee were not known in the town of Planes, where they had arrived about a year ago, although the latter was registered in the town in recent months, Efe sources have indicated to the population .

The country house where this event occurred is located in the term of Plans but bordering the neighboring municipality of Benimarful, and in fact is 6 kilometers from the urban area of ​​the first town and only 1 kilometer from the latter.


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