Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Arrested the alleged rapper killer

Detenido el presunto asesino del rapero Nipsey Hussle

The Police of Los Angeles (USA) announced today on Twiter the arrest of Eric Holder, suspected of having shot dead on Sunday the rapper Nipsey Hussle. The authorities had disclosed images and information about Holder, a 29-year-old Angelino, in the hope that the citizens could collaborate in his arrest.

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The murder of Nipsey Hussle, a rapper much appreciated in Los Angeles for his social and community work especially among the African-American population, happened on Sunday at the gates of his clothing store Marathon Clothing, in the South Los Angeles area.

The investigators assured that Holder had maintained a discussion with the artist and that, later, approached the rapper towards the 15:20 hours to shoot to him at short distance before fleeing in a vehicle that was waiting for him.

The murder took place about thirty minutes after the artist posted on his Twitter account that "having strong enemies is a blessing." "Nipsey Hussle was an artist who moved our city and our lives, beyond Los Angeles, all over the country and the world," Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a press conference today.

On Monday a popular tribute to the musician was held at the doors of his shop, which ended in chaos when many people began to flee in a stampede without the causes of that disorder still being clear.

An improsive altar has been made in front of 'The Marathon Clothing', where the rapper was shot

An improsive altar has been made in front of 'The Marathon Clothing', where the rapper was shot
(Etienne Laurent / EFE)

The Los Angeles Fire Department said that 19 people were injured, two of them in critical condition, mainly due to pushing, stomping or running over when trying to escape from the area.

Ermias Asghedom, the real name of Nipsey Hussle, was born in Los Angeles in 1985 and became famous in the hip-hop scene of the Californian metropolis as an artist proud of his street origins and linked to a faction of the Crips, one of the most famous gangs in this city.

Image of Nipsey Hussle

Image of Nipsey Hussle
(Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP)

After several years in which he released different singles and mixtapes, Nipsey Hussle published in 2018 his debut album, "Victory Lap". Thanks to this record he obtained a nomination for the best rap album in the 61st edition of the Grammy.

Numerous stars of North America, like Rihanna or Drake, lamented the murder of Hussle, who had two children.

American rap, a world in which premature deaths due to violence have been frequent throughout its history, suffered the murders of XXX Temptation and Jimmy Wopo last year.

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