Arrested in Valladolid with 40,600 pedophile files of extreme hardness

Arrested in Valladolid with 40,600 pedophile files of extreme hardness

Agents of the National Police have arrested a man in Valladolid with more than 40,600 pedophile files of extreme hardness. The arrested person used a private file exchange network that could only be accessed through a prior invitation, and resorted to the violation of WiFi networks of their neighbors to make connections in a secure manner and ensure their anonymity. The agents have verified that he presumed on the Internet to have sex with his minor daughter, without actually producing those facts.

Detected in Switzerland and Germany

The investigation began at the end of 2015. Through Interpol, the agents received a communication from the Swiss police in which they indicated that they had detected a user, located in Spain, with many files of child sexual exploitation available of your contacts on the Internet. After the initial investigation, developed with the information received from Switzerland, the agents were unable to define its exact location due to the strong security measures it adopted.

Months later, and also via Interpol, the German police issued a new communication about what at first indicated to be another user of this same network, also located in Spain, and that also had a huge amount of illegal files offered to Exchange mode to your contacts.

All the information that was counted so far was analyzed using specific software, which allows to identify the connections made by users who distribute files of child pornography through this network. When consulting the history of these connections, the researchers verified that from the IP addresses used by him, the accounts of the first user that was being investigated since 2015 had also been accessed. In this way, it was determined that it was the same objective, in addition to identifying other three accounts that I used for the same purpose of making exchanges of audiovisual material with pedophiles from around the world.

Hacked the WIFI networks of your neighbors

It was also possible to verify that the detainee resorted to the use of specific applications and malware to decipher the security passwords of the Wi-Fi networks of his near surroundings, in this case from your neighbors. This way he made the connections in a more secure way and guaranteed his total anonymity, thus making it difficult for the police to work, since he could not accurately center his location.

In parallel, and in another investigation against the distribution of child pornography in a social network that had resulted in the arrest of a man in the Canary Islands, conversations were detected between him and the user who was being investigated. In them they referred in detail to episodes of rape to various minors, one of them with only 9 years.

I shared tips about how to start girls in parental-filial love

The agents made numerous efforts to identify this individual until they were able to find out their identity and discover their hidden activity in social networks and internet forums on child sexual issues. Also the agents were aware of the large amount of comments that he published, boasting about the forbidden love that he lived with his youngest daughter and in those that also He shared advice with other men about how to treat girls and initiate them in paternal-filial love.

With all this information, the agents managed to find out the exact location of the person being investigated in Valladolid and proceeded to arrest him. After the entry and registration of his home, a hard disk was intervened in which 40,646 files of extremely harsh child sexual exploitation material were stored, in addition to his mobile phone from which he accessed the forums in which he made the publication of the incest comments. Finally, the researchers were able to prove that the sexual abuse of their youngest daughter, reported in the forums, had not occurred.


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