Arrested in Malaga for mistreating their three-month-old baby: hospitalized with fractures

Archive - National Police Vehicle in front of the El Ejido Police Station (Almería)

Archive - National Police Vehicle in front of the El Ejido Police Station (Almería)

The parents of a three-month-old baby who was hospitalized with broken legs have been detained by the National Police in Malaga for the assumptions crimes of child abuse and serious injuries, facts for which the judicial authority has ordered the 25-year-old mother's imprisonment.

The Minor Protection Service of the Junta de Andalucía has decreed the dprovisional protection of the child, who was admitted to the hospital with left leg femur fractures and of the right tibia, as reported this Wednesday by the Police in a statement. The arrest occurred after on July 11, a doctor from a Malaga hospital alerted the Police that he was treating a baby with obvious signs of mistreatment. The boy was taken to the medical center by the father, 47, who He reported that it had accidentally slipped from his arms.

I know of the circumstance that The mother of the admitted baby was already arrested in 2016 for her alleged involvement in the crimes of murder and child abuse of another daughter, also three months old, when the biological father of the deceased girl, other than the boy in this case, was also arrested in connection with the events. In the current case, the police investigations indicate that the events occurred in the family home: a two-room house where up to eleven people usually live together, including the maternal grandmother, three uncles with their respective children, as well as the parents of the three-month-old baby.

The investigators interviewed the boy's parents, who offered "contradictory and incompatible explanations" with the origin of the injuries, according to the police. In the reconstruction of the events in the family home, the father explained that the little one slipped from his arms when he was going to give him a bottle, moment in which he took him by one leg with one hand and part of the waist and lower back with the other, and there was a sudden rotation of the boy's leg. The incident allegedly occurred while the boy's mother was showering, who did not accompany her partner and her son to the hospital.

As can be seen from the proceedings - in which the physicians' assessment has been counted -, the fracture of the femur, caused by rotation, could be justified with the version offered by the father of the baby, but "not the tibia", in the shape of a bucket handle, "typical of child abuse".

During the investigation, the agents also took statements from relatives who lived with the child and his parents, who offered different versions, and allowed the agents to find out that the baby was sleeping tied to a stroller and that he was being fed that was not according to their age. The Court of Instruction number 2 of Malaga has decreed the the mother was admitted to prison and released the father on charges, both of Spanish nationality.


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