Arrested in Madrid The pederast of Astillero, the biggest abuser of girls in Spain | Society

Marcelino Fernández Arnaiz, 64, better known as The pederast of Astillero, for the people of Cantabria from which it comes, has been arrested on Friday by agents of the National Police Unit attached to the Courts and Prosecutor's Office of Madrid. The biggest pedophile in the history of Spain, who has been in and out of prisons and psychiatric penitentiaries for four decades because of repeated offenses in the same crime, had a legal claim. It has been made available to the judge on duty.

It was the guard and security service of the aforementioned unit that stopped him, while checking the identity of an individual who was arguing with the building's guards. The identified, as always covered with a cap, turned out to be the sex offender with the most history in Spain that was currently in effect a search of detention and personification by the Court of Instruction Number 4 of Santander. Supposedly he went to do some paperwork for a report of robbery with violence, and refused to perform the control where it belonged.

Arnaiz, has been detained multiple times for sexual crimes committed against minors, whom he deceived by offering them sweets and then abused them and raped them. He did it concretely, in the years 1980, 1983, 1986, 1990, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2008, and until now, every time he has served his sentence, he has returned to reoffend.

The last time, on August 23, only three days after he left the prison of Dueñas (Palencia) after serving the sentence of five years in jail imposed by the Audiencia de Cantabria in 2005 for having sexually abused a six-year-old girl on October 13, 2002 in Torrelavega. When that sentence was known, Arnaiz had already been in preventive detention for two years. He acknowledged the facts, at the testimony of a witness who saw how he "kissed, rubbed and tried to lower the pants of a six-year-old girl", and they asked him for seven years in the trial held in 2009, so he could carry a time in freedom.

In this same trial, another five years of sentence were requested for another alleged abuse committed in 2003 against a nine-year-old girl in Santander, but the Court dismissed that charge for lack of evidence. In fact, his previous proven offense, the one for which he was convicted by the Audiencia de Cantabria in 2005, he committed only two and a half months after leaving the Penitentiary Center of Foncalent (Alicante), where he had served his last two sentences of 15 and 18 months of psychiatric hospitalization.

During one of his last trials, the forensics of the Santander Courts explained to the court that Fernández Arnaiz suffers from a paraphillic type disorder that makes him a pedophile, does not control their impulses, has not assumed the social and moral rules and has a low IQ. The Hearing of Cantabria recognized then that those circumstances reduce their responsibility on their acts, but they do not exempt to him completely of the same, as it tried to raise the defense.

However, at the hearing held in 2009, the doctor who examined him made it clear that Fernandez Araniz "has a normal IQ and does not suffer from any pathology," and said that "he knows exactly what he does" and "he does it because he wants to." . The coroner discarded that she was carried away by impulsive acts and indicated that, given her "very long" criminal history, she "learns to be careful" of those episodes of abuse.

The Arnaiz case was one of the strongest motivations that led the legislator and therefore the executive to toughen sexual penalties against minors and to modify the penal types.


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