Arrested in Cuenca the alleged murderer of his partner in Córdoba

He allegedly stabbed the woman with a knife at dawn on Saturday in the Cordoba municipality of Montemayor

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The Civil Guard has arrested this Monday in a municipality of Cuenca the alleged murderer of the woman who died this Sunday at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba after allegedly being stabbed by her partner with a knife at dawn on Saturday in the Cordoba municipality of Montemayor , as sources of the investigation confirm to Europa Press.

In this regard, the delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, has previously assured that the State Security Forces and Bodies carried out "an important follow-up" in the investigation for the arrest of the alleged murderer, about whom "there are suspicions of which may even have come from Andalusia».

This has been assured by the representative of the central Executive in the community, in statements to journalists in Seville, while stressing that "the Civil Guard is fully mobilized", so that he was confident that "very soon they can be arrested and bring to justice."

Meanwhile, Fernández has lamented the second case of gender-based violence in Andalusia this year, after the first in Granada, and the 15th victim at the national level.

In addition, he has commented that there is a minor who is injured, of the same nationality as the victim -of Romanian origin-, and "right now they are investigating and taking statements from all the witnesses."

In relation to this, a cousin of the alleged murderer of the deceased woman, about 27 years old, has also been injured in the events. The mayor, Antonio García López, has confirmed such an extreme, although it is not serious, according to sources close to the investigation, which detail that the young man, about 15 years old, was referred to the Montilla Hospital.

In this sense, the councilor has specified that said minor had traveled to the town with a sister and her partner and they are all part of a Romanian family that is in Montemayor for the garlic season. "No one in the town knows them, because they live outside," Garcia pointed out, who commented that they are "in a kind of semi-settlement."

The mayor has stated that "it is a disgusting, repudiable and horrible fact" and has recalled that at 12:00 noon an "act of rejection" has been held in the Plaza de la Constitución to "demonstrate to the whole of Spain and the world that We are against this barbarity and scourge that does not end and we do not know how to put an end to it, ”he lamented.

The facts

Specifically, the events occurred in the early hours of this Saturday, May 21, when the 112 Andalucía Emergency service received a notice, at 1:50 p.m., alerting of a woman found on the road with a large cut. The coordinating center gave notice to health services, the Civil Guard and the Local Police, sources from the single emergency telephone number have explained to Europa Press.

Upon arriving at the scene of the events, on the Fuente Nueva road, the agents verified that the woman had wounds compatible with a knife and was transferred to the Reina Sofía Hospital in the capital, where she died this Sunday at noon, they have indicated from the Meritorious

According to the first steps carried out by the Armed Institute, in charge of the investigation, the author of the stabbing fled, and a device was organized to find his whereabouts, which has concluded with his arrest this morning. monday.

The Montemayor City Council has indicated on social networks that it is a "brutal case of sexist, intolerable and ruthless violence" for which it has called a silent concentration of rejection for this Monday.

The Government has confirmed that the "murder" of the woman is being investigated as "machista", which, if this hypothesis is ratified, would be the second of these characteristics recorded so far in 2022 in Andalusia, and would raise the number of deaths to 15. victims of gender violence in the whole of Spain in the same period of time.

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