July 30, 2021

Arrested in Barajas when fled after killing his partner and throwing it in the trash in Almería

Arrested in Barajas when fled after killing his partner and throwing it in the trash in Almería

KK, the 30-year-old Mauritanian arrested today in Madrid as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of his partner, whose body was found in a recycling plant in Gador (Almeria) by a landfill operator on 27 September, forced her to prostitute herself in and I was waiting for her while she was exercising.

Captain José María Zaldive, from the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard Command in Almería, explained to journalists the calvary that the woman went through, he was in the country in an "irregular" way and in a high "situation of vulnerability", and had suffered abuse from a previous couple.

The Armed Institute also assures that K.K. he was acting as a pimp for the victim: "Although he denied and repudiated that he was engaged in prostitution, we have been able to prove by testifying that he himself took her to the premises, picked her up and even remained there while he was exercising her," Zaldive said.

"In fact she was very isolated, she did not speak Spanish, she did not have social relations and he controlled all the relationships she had ", explained the spokesman after specifying that the detainee allegedly asphyxiated his partner in his home in Roquetas de Mar (Almería), then threw his body into a dumpster and then reported that he had left the house.

As a sample of the situation in which the victim was found, she indicated that although protection measures had not been ordered in relation to K.K., she had been mistreated by a previous couple, who had imposed a restraining order.

He told how, after recovering the body from the garbage dump of Gador, it was possible to identify him "thanks to the own denunciation of the later one arrestedor, which reported that his partner had left the common home they had in Roquetas. "

"After seeing the great incongruities that the detainee maintained in his demonstration, we got several witnesses who dismantled the alibi that the author had," he said.

Faced with suspicion, the detainee gave the Civil Guard false trails and came to communicate "while I was in Madrid trying to escape by plane", that the deceased was in Murcia and that same afternoon he was going to accompany her to official offices.

The agents managed to find out that the author intended to flee to Morocco on a flight from Madrid's Barajas airport, where he was arrested.

At the Adolfo Suárez airport in Madrid-Barajas, he confessed that he had committed the crime, and even said that he had done it out of jealousy, although Zaldive affirms that for now it is not possible to "give credibility to either version".


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