Arrested in Alicante for insulting the Civil Guard on social networks

Arrested the & # 039; little Nicolas & # 039;  of Crevillent for a hate crime.

The ‘little Nicolás’ of Crevillent was arrested for a hate crime.

The Civil Guard has arrested in Elche (Alicante) a 45-year-old man, known as the ‘little Nicolás’ de Crevillent, that allegedly spread through a well-known social network comments directed against the armed institute and that may constitute hate crimes.

The arrested man, who was told five claims in force of courts of the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and the Provincial Court of Alicante, has entered prison for the fulfillment of a sentence of nine months and the payment of a fine worth more than 55,000 euros for a crime of fraud.

In 2016 this person, who was baptized by the media as el ‘little Nicolás’ de Crevillent, fwas detained by the Civil Guard when they recorded 19 arrest warrants and two to find out the domicile of different courts of the national territory, as reported by the armed institute in a statement.

The operation started at the beginning of last July when the Civil Guard of Crevillent was aware that a citizen could be committing hate crimes with comments through a well-known social network directed against the Civil Guard, for which the agents initiated a investigation and verified the existence of a user who posted comments on a group’s wall.

After analyzing the content of the messages, it can be seen that this person used the social network as a means to convey hate speech and rejection of the armed institute. In addition, more than three dozen publications were detected in which he made comments such as: “The Civil Guard steals and murders citizens to keep their food”, or “The Civil Guard, those in charge of enforcing the Law have received money in exchange not to do their job. ”

In messages, issued fromand 4,300 different user profiles, he published false information about his own identity and whereabouts. Once his true identity was discovered, the investigators found out that he was living in hiding because he was aware that he was being claimed by the Justice and that five indictments of search, arrest and appearance from different courts fell on him.

One of them, from the Provincial Court of Alicante, for their entry into prison. The rest of the complaining bodies were the Courts of Madrid, Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands) and Elche (Alicante).

On October 13, agents of the Investigation Area of ​​the Civil Guard of Crevillent They proceeded to their arrest for hate crimes and five judicial requisitions, one of them from prison.

Finally, he has been placed at the disposal of the Elche Investigating Court, which has decreed his entry into prison to serve a sentence of nine months for a sentence of the Seventh Section of the Provincial Court of Alicante, for a crime of fraud committed in Crevillent in 2010.


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