Arrested in Álava for sexually assaulting a woman with whom he shared a flat – La Provincia

A 43-year-old male has been arrested as alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual assault to a woman with whom he shared housing in the town of Oion, as reported by the Basque Department of Security.

About twenty past twelve this evening, a woman has alerted Ertzaintza that she had just been the victim of a sexual assault committed at a home in Oion. A patrol in functions of citizen protection has contacted the woman, who was in a street of the aforementioned municipality Alavés.

The woman has reported that she was wearing days sharing housing with an acquaintance and on Sunday he informed the man that he had decided to pick up his belongings and hand over the keys to move to another place.

At one point, the man took her to a room where he threatened her with a baseball bat and slapped her when he tried to get out of there. Then, according to the complaint filed, he forced her to have sex. Once the aggression was completed, the victim was able to leave the house and from the public highway notify 112.

With the information provided by the woman, the police force has appeared in the apartment where the events had presumably happened, identifying the person who has finally been arrested. For its part, the victim has been transferred to the Txagorritxu Hospital in Vitoria to be assisted by a coroner. The arrested person will be presented to the Court at the time the police procedures are completed.

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