Arrested for threatening his family in Logroño with a kitchen knife

An 18-year-old boy has been detained in Logroño as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of domestic violence, threatening his mother and two brothers with a kitchen knife and entrenching himself in the bathroom of the home, the Chief Police Department has detailed. from La Rioja.

The events have occurred this Thursday in one of the streets adjacent to the Superior Police Headquarters, whose officers have come to the house after receiving a call from the Logroño Local Police that a young man had had an argument with his family, had told them threatened with a kitchen knife and had locked himself in the bathroom.

The officers of the Headquarters have asked the young man, who was entrenched in the bathroom, to desist from his attitude, but his response was that “he did not want to go out”, so they have knocked down the door, they have reduced him and they have stopped at that time.

Later, he has been transferred to the cells of the La Rioja Police Headquarters for the processing of the appropriate procedures and his bringing to justice.


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