Arrested for raping the same woman three times

A Civil Guard inspects the woman's clothes.  CIVIL GUARD

A Civil Guard inspects the woman's clothes. CIVIL GUARD

Agents of the Civil Guard arrested a 21-year-old criminal last Monday in Felanitx that allegedly he raped the same woman three times over the past year and a half. The young man robbed the establishment where the victim worked four times, and in three of them he took the woman to a room in the back of the premises and there he forced her to have sex. Researchers from the Judicial Police of Manacor They managed, after a long investigation, to locate the assailant, who was captured in the middle of the street of the town.

The first assault, according to sources from the Civil Guard, was perpetrated in August 2019, when a hooded guy Y armed with a razor broke into a commercial establishment in Felanitx, in which there was a single employee, a woman in her 40s. The thief threatened the victim into giving him the money he had in the cash register. He then took her to a room at the back of the establishment and there forced her to have sex before running away.

The woman reported what happened to the Civil Guard, and the Manacor Judicial Police immediately launched an investigation. The investigations were very complicated since the individual had acted with his face covered, so that they only had a description of the clothes he was wearing.

Throughout the following year, the same suspect perpetrated two other assaults in the same establishment, and on both occasions he raped the employee again. In both cases what happened the first time was repeated. The man, hooded and with his face covered by the mask, threatened the victim with a knife, took the money from the collection, and then took her to the back, where he carried out the sexual assault.

The repetition of the assaults made the Civil Guard investigators give the case top priority.

Finally the past January 21 the man again broke into the trade for the fourth time. In the latter case he was not even armed. It was enough to verbally intimidate the victim to hand over the money he had. He led her back to a room in the back but this time did not sexually assault her. He just locked her in the room and fled.

Some customers who entered the establishment shortly after heard the cries for help and released the employee.

The Manacor Judicial Police continued with its investigation and finally managed to identify the suspect, a 21-year-old Moroccan young man living in the area and with various records of crimes against property and drugs.

The alleged assailant was located last Monday in the street of Felanitx by the agents, who arrested him. He was transferred to the police station, where he admitted to being the author of the robberies and sexual assaults suffered by the woman. He also explained that after the robberies he immediately changed his clothes to make it difficult to identify them., and pointed out to the agents the place in a clearing where he had hidden the clothes he was wearing in the last assault.

The detainee is scheduled to be placed at the disposal of the Manacor court on duty this morning.


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