Arrested for raping a minor next to a supermarket in Valencia

Arrested for raping a minor next to a supermarket in Valencia

Agents of the National Police A 23-year-old man has been arrested in Valencia, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual assault with penetration after forcing a minor whom he had met that same day.

The agression It occurred at noon at the loading and unloading dock of a food establishment of the city, police sources have reported in a statement.

The events occurred on Monday at mid-morning when a minor was with a friend in the Marxalenes park, and two other boys she did not know joined them.

At one point, her friend left and she stayed with the two strangers with whom she went to a grocery store to buy.

After leaving the premises, one of them took her to the supermarket loading and unloading dock area, which was located in the back of the supermarket, where he sexually assaulted her, going as far as penetrating her, despite the fact that the victim tried to escape and show her refusal to have sex.

the minor tried to get away from his attacker on numerous occasions and screamed for helpwhich alerted several passersby who were the ones who rebuked the perpetrator of the events and thereby motivated their flight.

The agents of the UFAM Investigation Group were aware of the facts and began the investigations that allowed the identification of the alleged perpetrator, who was arrested this Friday.