August 7, 2020

Arrested for pretending to be civil guards to rob drug traffickers and businessmen

The National Police has dismantled a criminal group whose members pretended to be civil guards to rob drug traffickers and businessmen. The agents arrested the seven members of the gang, of whom four were arrested in Madrid when they tried to seize 480,000 euros. One part of the organization was cheating by putting commission agents in contact with people interested in exchanging low-value euro notes for others of a higher amount. Once the meeting started, other members of the gang disguised and at gunpoint feigned the arrest of those present, including their own accomplices, taking the booty with them.

The operation began last August in Seville, when there was the robbery with violence and intimidation of 180,000 euros to a group of people related to drug trafficking.

Hooded and wearing Civil Guard vests

The criminal structure in charge of finding and executing the robberies was based in Seville and Malaga, but the objectives that they planned to dock were in Madrid. After several weeks of investigation, the agents concluded that the organization planned a new assault, but this time on a person dedicated to the real estate business in an industrial warehouse in Talamanca del Jarama (Madrid). Finally, on March 6 there was a meeting to execute the exchange of 480,000 euros. One of the arrested now was the one in charge to go alone to the ship and in the moment to have in his power the cash, simulating to verify the authenticity of the paper money, it alerted to his three accomplices that, hooded and wearing vests of Civil Guard, They pounced on the four people who were making the exchange in the place, beating them and leaving them tied with plastic ties. At the time of their flight, the agents belonging to the Special Operations Group (GEO) managed to reduce them and stop them. In addition, another person was also arrested, who was waiting in the street on board a vehicle prepared for the escape.

Located after 24 hours of flight

Also, the individual who had executed the meeting, a citizen of Romanian nationality, managed to flee with a part of the booty but leaving part of it in place, so a device was immediately organized for his search and arrest that led to the agents to the Madrid town of San Sebastián de los Reyes and then to Málaga. After 24 hours from his escape, the investigators managed to stop him and intervene another good part of the booty. Due to the strong resistance that opposed the arrest, two officers were slightly injured. In addition, an intermediary who catalyzed business for the band in Puente Genil (Córdoba) and the leader of the group in Dos Hermanas (Seville) was also arrested. When he became aware of the arrest of the members of his organization, he had fled Madrid from where he organized the group. "I overturn." All the detainees have been placed in preventive detention and the three vehicles with which they had gone to Madrid and with those who intended to flee were recovered and intervened – all of them had doubled plates to make police work more difficult. During the operation also two detonating pistols and 9,800 euros in cash were intervened.


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