Arrested for concealment the parents of the young man imprisoned for the death of his partner in Vinaròs | Society

Agents of the Civil Guard detain the boy's girlfriend on Friday.

The Civil Guard has detained the parents of the presumed author of the death of his sentimental partner, a Moldovan woman whose body was found last Sunday in Ulldecona (Tarragona), to investigate her involvement in the criminal acts.

According to sources confirmed by the Civil Guard, the parents of the young man are being detained since Monday, and this Tuesday they give a statement, without expecting them to be brought to court during the day.

On Monday, the head of the Court of Instruction and Violence of Gender number 4 of Vinaròs (Castellón) decreed the Imprisonment of the woman's partner - a man of Romanian nationality and 22 years old - whose body was found with signs of violence and buried in an open field in Ulldecona (Tarragona), 20 kilometers from Vinaròs, where the victim lived.

The court investigates the detainee in a case declared secret by a crime of murder / murder and ordered his admission in provisional prison and without bail, according to the Superior Court of Justice of the Comunitat Valenciana (TSJCV).

In addition to the alleged murderer, two other persons were arrested for these acts, initially investigated for the same crime and who have been released with the obligation to appear in court once a month.

If the case of Vinaròs is confirmed as macho violence, the figure of 2019 would amount to 16. In total, there are 990 women murdered since January 1, 2003, when they began to be counted. 31.8% of these women were foreigners.

The telephone number for victims of gender violence it is 016. It does not leave a trace on the telephone bill, although it is necessary to delete it from the call register.


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